Expectations and possible results of a breast augmentation

Breast enlargement will help women to achieve a more proportional, youthful or attractive figure.

Women who have lost breast volume due to age, weight fluctuations or pregnancy, or who never developed as fully as they wanted, can benefit from the added volume of breast implants.
You should wait for at least three months before being able to judge on the final result of a breast augmentation. This is the necessary delay for your breasts in order to become supple and breast implants to settle.

The volume and shape of your breasts will have improved, your overall look will have improved and you will feel more feminin.

You should although have realistic expectations regarding the result of your breast enlargement. If you have realistic dreams, then you will enjoy the result! At the initial consultation it is advised to bring pictures of a desired result of a breast augmentation. Starting from these pictures you can explain our surgeon the type of result you want to be achieved. The desired look of your breast enlargement could then be discussed.

Clinic BeauCare offers a range of different types of  breast implants, so you’ll be able to decide the type that’s best for your goals.

You should be aware that a breast augmentation won’t change the form of your breasts. Only a difference in volume might be corrected by a breast enlargement, by placing two different sizes of breast implants.

As for both women with or without breast implants their breasts will lose their firmness, due to aging, pregnancy or weight loss.

Breast uplift

9 / 10
I would recommend the Clinic to everybody for plastic surgery as the price, service and location is perfect.
Breast uplift

I had my breast uplift with a little reduction on the 5th September at Clinic Beaucare.  I arrived home four days later with the Eurostar and I'm in the meantime back to work now (a week after) feeling somewhat tired and very little pain (not taking any pain killers).

I am healing very well and have had absolutely no problems whatsoever - in fact I am already doing light exercises back at the gym.

I have recommended Clinic BeauCare and their very professional surgeons to all of my friends and I will possibly be looking at coming back later to Brussels for another cosmetic surgery  myself.

on 12/09/2016 about Breast uplift


Possible imperfections of the result:

  • Lots of women have a certain degree of asymmetry, which will even become more noticable after a breast augmentation
  • Breasts which are too tight (certainly in case of big implants)
  • You may feel the edge of the implant, when the implants are placed above the muscle or when you don’t have much breast tissue of your own

Off course you can always contact our clinic to discuss your concern.

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