Taking care of yourself before and after a breast augmentation


You should stop smoking one month before and also one month after your breast augmentation. The tabac may slow dow the healing process and raises the risk of an infection.
You shouldn’t take any medication containing aspirine, in the 14 days prior to your breast enlargement.

You should eat or drink anything within the six hours before your surgery.


The way you will feel after your breast enlargement will depend on the kind of surgery and will vary from patient to patient.

We suggest you to discuss with your surgeon on how to take care for yourself and how long before you could get back to work and practising sports after your breast enlargement.

a)    Aftercare for the first hours and week after breast augmentation

The first hours after your breast enlargement you will spend in our clinic in the recovery room. You will get the necessary pain medication.

A special supportive bra will be put on immediately after your surgery, which you need to keep for four to six weeks after your breast augmentation, day and night. You shouldn’t take baths for four weeks, or longer until the wounds are nicely closed.

Taking a daily shower is allowed, as from two days after your surgery onwards. Please keep on the bandages on the scars, they are water resistant. Off course you shouldn’t moisten them too long.

The special bra may be taken off to shower or to wash him. While the bra is drying you could put on a sportsbra in the meantime. Please inform our clinic immediately if any of the following signs occour: your scars or breasts are red,  swollen, hot or weeping (white or yellow fluid) or if you have fever or vommiting. In that case you may have an infection.

You should be able to get back to work and to most of your daily activities from one to two weeks after your surgery.

Your surgeon will provide you with instructions to be followed after your surgery. Please follow well these directions. If you have a baby or very young child, you should have someone who could help you with childcare for the first two weeks after your surgery.

b)    Aftercare the first weeks after your breast augmentation

Stitches will need to be removed 14 days after your surgery. Your surgeon will provide you with information on how to do. Once your stitches are removed and scars are closed you may apply a moisturizing cream on the scars, to improve the healing.

You will gradually adapt to the new size of your breasts. In the beginning your breasts will feel tight. The first four to six weeks after your breast enlargement you shouldn’ t lift heavy loads and avoid exercices that compress or put pressure on your breasts.

You should avoid sleeping on your front for the first weeks after your breast enlargement.

Please kindly follow well the instructions of your surgeon.

c)    The months and years after your breast augmentation

You should prevent your breast implants from damage. All women should have their breasts monitored for breast cancer. Women who had a breast enlargement should also have a regulary checkup for breast implant rupture, by means of ultrasound.

Please always mention that you have breast implants to the person who will examen you.
You should get in touch with your surgeon if you have:

  • Signs of an infection
  • The shape you breast has changed
  • Discharge from the nipple
  • A lump
  • Hardening of the breast

Checkups for the first year after you breast augmentation are free of charge at Clinic BeauCare.

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