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Small breasts can be the result of a pregnancy or a considerable weight loss, or maybe you have always had small breasts (hypoplasty). Many women are dissatisfied with the size or shape of their breasts and therefore choose to have a breast augmentation or breast enhancement. The decision to undergo this surgery is very individual and you should not underestimate the impact it will have on your life. So it is important to inform yourself as good and thoroughly as possible.


Breasts consist mainly out of fatty tissue, glandular tissue, blood vessels, nerves, milk ducts and lymph nodes. They do not contain muscular tissue. Therefore, doing exercises will not lift or enlarge your breast and creams will not influence your breast size either. A hormone treatment is advised against due to the severe side effects. A breast augmentation, however, does guarantee a beautiful and effective result.

During your first consultation with the plastic surgeon, you will discuss your expectations, the advantages and risks of a breast augmentation. The surgeon will also present the different kinds of breast implants because there are differences in fillings, shapes, sizes and types of surfaces. Information on your medical records and physical condition is important to obtain the desired result.

So, together with your plastic surgeon you will search for the right formula to provide the best result.

Patient reviews

My Beautiful Boobbs

By Judyblueeyes on 03/10/2015
Thank you sooo much Dr Danau. Amazing craftsmanship.
My Beautiful Boobbs

4 weeks now and the twins look amazing. Thank you sooo much Dr Danau. Amazing craftsmanship. You made me feel at ease and delivered what you promised. another happy customer. The clinic is clean and and atmosphere friendly. Keep up the good work



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