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It is a big decision to have cosmetic surgery done. Therefore we advise you to inform you well, to read our advice and the answers to your questions before taking the final decision. Clinic BeauCare will do its utmost for every surgery to be successful and a nice experience. Thanks to our patients who have sent a review.

Breast enlargement

10 / 10
Very clean and nice environment. All staff are friendly and professional. Very happy with my result. Would definitely recommend.
Great place, defiantly recommend it!

I was worried as it was abroad but absolutely nothing to worry about.

I had my first boob job in Harley street and compared with this there is no difference at all except travelling to Brussels. So happy I done it and can't wait to go back in ten years!!!! :0)

on 27/07/2015 about Breast implants

9,5 / 10
Thank you sooo much Dr Danau. Amazing craftsmanship.
My Beautiful Boobbs

4 weeks now and the twins look amazing. Thank you sooo much Dr Danau. Amazing craftsmanship. You made me feel at ease and delivered what
you promised. another happy customer. The clinic is clean and and atmosphere friendly. Keep up the good work

on 03/10/2015 about Breast augmentation

My breast enlargement

10 / 10
My name is Remie, I live in The Netherlands and I alwayqs wanted to make my breasts larger. My problem is that I have always had a great fear for hospitals.
My breast enlargement

I had the impression that I was in a spa resort. It was very nice and the whole place was luxury and gave tranquility. At the back you can see a beautiful park. You think you are in a 5 star hotel and not in a hospital or clinic.

Dr. Wim Danau inspected my breasts. One breast was larger and the other smaller. He gave me the advice left 390cc and right 430cc. With round implants he thought this fits the best to me.

On February 17. I was at Beau Care to remove the stitches. This can also be done by your
local doctor or nurse.

I am very happy with my new breasts. They look great, well rounded and full. And left and right are the same size.

Read here all the review by Remie (PDF letter)


on 18/02/2016 about Breast enlargement

9 / 10
I had my breast augmentation done at Clinic Beaucare last Friday and I feel fabulous! They were so helpful and Dr Sarah Ulens couldn't have been nicer or more professional. I was seen at 2pm she talked me through the various options, even though I already new what I wanted (was a 32b wanted to go to a 32dd) I had under the muscle 435cc implants. I was back in the hotel at 6 watching tele. The first night was very uncomfortable I'm not going to lie but I haven't taken any pain relief since Saturday and I'm extremely pleased with the result so far. I'd highly recommend Dr Ulens and her team.
My Breast Augmentation with Dr Sara Ulens

I had a consultation about 1/2 an hour before the op with Dr Sarah Ulens, she showed me various implants and talked through the possibilities explaining what would work best for me. I went in wanting the implants over the muscle as the recovery time is a lot quicker but opted for under the muscle as it would be a more natural effect. She measured me and took some photos (side shots and front) then introduced me to the anesthesiologist who asked me various health questions and answered mine he then took me downstairs to the operating room and got me ready for surgery. The next thing I knew I was waking up in the recovery area. One thing I will say is its very cold in there and they only gave me a thin blanket so I was glad when they wheeled me upstairs where it was much warmer. I was also extremely thirsty when I woke up but they said I wasn't allowed any water as I might be sick from the general anestheic.

They like you to stay close incase of any complications. I stayed just around the corner in hotel Campanile it was only £30 for the night, nice and clean very similar to a travel lodge over here and it's a stones throw from vilvoorde train station. For me it wasn't painful the worst thing was getting over the anesthetic, I don't think I would of wanted to travel back home that night as I felt strange I just wanted to sleep.

on 28/10/2015 about Breast enlargement

Mother & daughter at Clinic Beaucare Brussels

9 / 10
Since returning to the UK, many friends have asked if I would recommend clinic BeauCare for a cosmetic surgery experience and I have said yes every time!
Mother & daughter at Clinic Beaucare Brussels

I came to your clinic on September 10th with my mother.  She had upper eyelid surgery and I had a breast augmentation.  Two weeks on we are both recovering well and so far very pleased with the results!

I would like to express on behalf of us both how pleased we were with the treatment we received at your clinic.  Prior to our journey to Brussels, we had quite a few telephone conversations and emails with yourselves, each time our questions were answered and you were very polite.  Upon our arrival, everyone was very friendly, professional and reassuring.  I was particularly nervous, having never had an anaesthetic before, but the surgeon and anaesthetist helped to calm my fears.  We received good care after the surgery had taken place until we left the clinic - in a taxi ordered by yourselves.

Since returning to the UK, many friends have asked if I would recommend clinic BeauCare for a cosmetic surgery experience and I have said yes every time!

Kind regards


on 14/09/2016 about Upper eyelid

Breast Augmentation @ Clinic Beaucare

10 / 10
I'm Very happy with the outcome of my breast augmentation.

Thank you doctor Ulens, thanks to you feel feminine again!

on 09/01/2017 about Breast augmentation

9 / 10
I recently had a breast augmentation at Clinic Beaucare & I honestly couldn't be happier with the results.
This clinic exceeded my expectation - Breast Enlargement

I went for a consultation in London which to be honest I didn't find particularly helpful. But I am extremely glad I didn't let that put me off because both the clinic itself & my results are exceptional.

The clinic is extremely professional & welcoming & actually exceeded my expectations.

on 28/06/2017 about Breast enlargement

Breast Implants 260cc Moderate profiles for a natural breast

10 / 10
After a lengthy conversation with my surgeon,Dr Ulens, she recommended the best implants for me based on my measurements etc. I opted for 260cc moderate profiles as I didnt do this for big boobs I just wanted some boobs there that still look natural!
Breast Implants 260cc Moderate profiles for a natural breast

I first heard about Beaucare through a friend who had their augmentation last year. I have wanted breast implants since I can remember and after coming back off holiday (fed up with how i feel in a bikini!) I decided to book a consultation. My consultation was great,
i had time to ask all the questions I wanted and found out about the rough recommended size implants etc.

The following day I emailed Beaucare to book a surgery date! I booked the op for about 5 weeks time and paid the deposit. All was really smooth and easy to do. I opted for Dr Sara Ulens as my surgeon and she was amazing. I had to travel to Brussels and did so the night before the op, stayed in a lovely hotel The Lodge Vilvoorde, would definitely recommend.

On the day of the surgery I arrived at the clinic, I was so surprised how modern, clean and fresh it was, both me and my mum were really impressed. I then had a lengthly conversation with Dr Ulens and she recommended the best implants for me based on my measurements etc. I opted for 260cc moderate profiles as I didnt do this for big boobs I just wanted some boobs there that still look natural! My surgery went great and before I knew it I was awake, having to travel back to the hotel was abit annoying as I was so weak but wasn't realy a problem. I travelled home the next day on the Eurostar fine!

I am now 2 weeks post op and am now feeling almost fully recovered! Had my dressings removed yesterday and am so pleased with my scars so far, quite small and not massively noticeable! All in all i would highly recommend Beaucare, the service at the clinic was amazing and they are always on hand via email to answer any questions I have! As well as the price being a lot cheaper than in the UK, I chose the clinic because I felt they really was the best and most natural looking results compared to some UK cosmetic companies I had
consultations with. My size is perfect, im now a 32c and am sooo pleased i finally done it!! Good luck to anyone going ahead with it, best thing I've done!

on 25/06/2016 about Breast Implants

Breast Uplift & Breast Lifting

Breast uplift

9 / 10
I would recommend the Clinic to everybody for plastic surgery as the price, service and location is perfect.
Breast uplift

I had my breast uplift with a little reduction on the 5th September at Clinic Beaucare.  I arrived home four days later with the Eurostar and I'm in the meantime back to work now (a week after) feeling somewhat tired and very little pain (not taking any pain killers).

I am healing very well and have had absolutely no problems whatsoever - in fact I am already doing light exercises back at the gym.

I have recommended Clinic BeauCare and their very professional surgeons to all of my friends and I will possibly be looking at coming back later to Brussels for another cosmetic surgery  myself.

on 12/09/2016 about Breast uplift

10 / 10
I couldn't recommend Beau Care enough. I was impressed, it was soo clean and nicely decorated, and the fact it didn't feel like a 'standard' hospital put me at ease.
Highly recommended - so glad I chose them

At first I had reservations about travelling abroad for cosmetic surgery, but after I had done plenty of research I felt quite confident about it. And it's only Belgium after all! I'm so glad I decided to go with Beau Care. I saved around £2000, compared to having it done in the UK, which is a massive amount of money for me. The morning I arrived at the clinic, I was impressed, it was soo clean and nicely decorated, and the fact it didn't feel like a 'standard' hospital put me at ease.

Dr Wim Danau performed my surgery, he was very reassuring on the morning of the operation, and I felt like I was in very capable hands. I would definitely recommend him. A couple of days after surgery I returned and was able to have my drains removed and my bandages changed. I am now 6 months post surgery, and I couldn't be happier with the results. I have no regrets, whatsoever. I couldn't recommend Beau Care enough. Please do get in touch if you have any questions at all, I know I felt it helpful to speak to people who had also been to Beau Care!

on 26/08/2015 about Breast lifting

Breast reduction

10 / 10
Extremely happy with the results and treatment.
Breast Reduction Surgery

I came from Scottland. Helpful, informative and professional. Extremely happy with the results and treatment.

on 21/12/2008 about Breast reduction


Tummy Tuck

9 / 10
I have just had a tummy tuck a try Clinic Beaucare With Dr Ulens and I would recommend it to anyone.
Tummy Tuck Clinic BeauCare: I highly recommend

All of the staff are lovely, the receptionists are very prompt with replying to emails and questions you may have. The clinic is well presented and very clean. Dr. Ulens is lovely and very good at her job I would have more surgery done by her.

When I went for my consultation in London I was put off slightly as the consultant was 20 mins late. I still went ahead though because of all the good reviews I have read and I am glad I did!

Dr. Ulens did a thorough consultation herself before the surgery on the day.

on 22/05/2017 about Tummy Tuck


Buttock implants

Buttock implants…. Love them!

10 / 10
I had buttock implants 6 weeks ago and it is the best thing I've done, money very well spent. Before having it done I read lots of reviews, people saying they returned to work after 10 days etc, I was not expecting the pain and recovery to be so bad, 2,5 weeks was more realistic
Buttock implants…. Love them!

I travelled with my husband on the Eurostar from London, this was £60 each return, we got the train from Brussels Central to Vilvoorde which was 3 stops then walked to the hotel which was next to the station, we walked to the clinic in the morning which took about 20 mins (taxi would have been 10euro). I didn't want to spend another night in the hotel as we were trying to keep costs down and another night would have been £130 so I returned to London the same night. Sitting didn't hurt much but was very uncomfortable; getting down/up was painful and walking also hurt. So it would have been better to stay 1 night in a hotel after the surgery.

I LOVE my new body!!

on 16/11/2015 about Buttock implants



Labiaplasty-Great Result

9 / 10
A year on and I am absolutely delighted with the result. My love life is incredible and it was by far the best decision I made. It has changed my life.

I was nervous about having a labiaplasty procedure done but knew I could never enjoy making love properly until I did. I was recommended by a friend to visit Clinic Beaucare. She had breast implants and labiaplasty the year before and loved the results. I went to my initial consultation in Harley Street and found the doctor quite dismissive wiith little time for my questions, however my friend had had the same experience but said that the team in Brussels were lovely.

I decided to go ahead and the staff in Brussels were great. I arrived and was made to feel at ease and the procedure was fast and painless! I opted to have only local anaesthetic, so was awake throughout and although it was a weird experience it was over quickly. I was in bearable pain for a couple of days afterwards and very swollen for a couple of weeks but just took it easy. My main problem was a mild infection in week 2 as my stitches didn't dissolve
quickly and caused irritation, this did cause problems for 3 weeks with a couple of them becoming mildly infected but I took a course of antibiotics and was fine.

A year on and I am absolutely delighted with the result. My love life is incredible and it was by far the best decision I made. It has changed my life.

on 12/02/2010 about Labiaplasty



9 / 10
I Recently had liposuction on my tummy and hips at Beaucare in Belgium. My treatment was carried out by Dr Berbinschi. I paid £2400 and its the best £2400 I've ever spent!

The Clinic was spotless extremely clean & modern with very friendly staff. I stayed in Belgium
for 2 nights. One thing I will say is if u do have an extra day then stay for 3 nights after surgery as I was uncomfortable & found it slightly hard traveling.

When you wake from the procedure you will be uncomfortable & sore but it's nothing major to worry about and every day the pain gets better. After day 4 you will be feeling better. You can easily return to work after 1 full week/10 days. I would rate my whole experience 10/10 I am really really happy.

I was a full size 15 before and my tummy looked as tho I was 6 months pregnant constantly. I also had massive hips! I feel amazing now and am a size 12 with a flat tummy! I would highly recommend this Clinic.

on 08/06/2013 about Liposuction

9,5 / 10
If anyone is looking at getting this surgery done I highly recommend it and Beaucare was a very trustworthy clinic. I cannot describe how amazing it feels to be able to fit into jeans that I haven't fitted since I was a teenager! Can't wait for the full results, I'm already happy with my shape (no more saddlebags!) and it can only get better in the next few weeks!

I am now nearly 1 month post op from Clinic Beaucare and I had to post a review about how happy I am with how I was treated and how the results have turned out.

I've always had a bigger lower half and wanted surgery to slim down my whole thighs, so I went for lipo on the inner, outer and posterior thigh (just under the buttocks). I stayed in the Hotel Campanile in Vilvoorde and found it perfectly suited my needs for pre and post surgery and was very comfortable. On the day I actually walked to the clinic (about 20 minutes) as I wanted to
get my circulation going. Upon arrival I was warmly welcomed and the staff were very friendly. The clinic itself is beautifully designed and very clean and efficient. If you have anyone accompanying you they are well looked after with free drinks machines and comfy sofas!
I had a quick consultation where they ask you what shape you want to achieve, take a before photo and draw on the targeted areas. After that it was straight into the surgery room where the nurse was very friendly and chatty and the surgery table was heated and comfortable....

on 08/01/2015 about Liposuction

10 / 10
So happy with the results of my liposculpture.

The hospitality was excellent the nurse is with u right through very clean....its exactly what they say ...l look very good ...considering going for a smart lipo to look more lean as i was quite big...

on 14/01/2013 about Liposculpture


10 / 10
Wim Danau preformed the most brillant surgery. His work is so fine, I am returning next week for breast surgery as I would'nt wish to go to anyone else ...

Yes its a pain to travel but 2 hours is nothing compared to the saving & i believe his work is better than most I have seen from top surgeons praised in this country !

Only downside is the stitch removal best is to ask your GP or a local nurse, I'm so pleased !!

on 29/01/2014 about Mini facelift

10 / 10
Very comfortable environment with friendly staff at all levels from reception to surgeon makes you feel relaxed. Very organised process

Very organised process, arrive, change, meet surgeon, anesthetist, walk down to theater, wake up in recovery with someone at your side reassuring you then into the second recovery phase in a room overlooking the gardens where your travel buddy can come sit with you. Off to hotel after surgeon visits and gives all clear.

Back the next day for drain and pressure bandage removal and Euro star back to London. Not a hell of a lot more than a good days shopping but a new improved face to show for it. Minimal pain-managed with paracetamol. All a very smooth process and much more reasonable price wise than UK. Has eye stitches out at GP then went back to Clinic Beaucare 11 days after surgery on Euro star to have face lift stitches out and do a bit of shopping (for Belgium chocolate of course). Nearly a month on and happy with results.

on 23/04/2013 about Eye lift and mini facelift


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