Surgeries   Nipple correction

Nipples often play a huge part in our well-being. Both men and women can suffer from enlarged, asymmetrical, protruding or inverted nipples. As many people experience discomfort, they choose to undergo a nipple correction. A nipple correction is a relatively simple procedure and is done under local anaesthesia.


Enlarged or extended nipples can be congenital or a result of breastfeeding. A nipple correction can reduce the length of the nipples. This procedure is therefore often called a nipple reduction.
This nipple correction takes place under local anaesthesia and the surgery leaves no visible scars. Sometimes, a part of the milk ducts can be lost. So if you want to give breastfeeding after you have a nipple correction, you should inform your doctor. You then have the possibility to choose for a less spectacular nipple correction, one that preserves the milk ducts.