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With age the skin of your face will drop, you will get wrinkles and cheek fat and other structures of your face wil sag downwards. The skin will loose it’s elasticity and become lax.

Hereditary factors and way of life (e.g. smoking, execssive sun bathing, stress and drinking) play an important role here too.

A facelift can be helpful for people as from their mid thirties onwards. Younger people should better start for less invasive treatments, such as fillers or laser treatments.

The plastic surgeon will lift and tighten the underlying muscles of the face to create a more aesthetically pleasing contours appearance and rejuvenate the facial structure.

When performed by a qualified cosmetic surgeon, a facelift is a safe procedure and excellent way to achieve a more naturally youthful appearance.

A lifting is not the only option to improve the look of your face, also Botox® injections, fillers and an eyelid correction may change your look.

Many people think that a facelift involves operating on the entire face, so also eyes, brows, cheeks and chin. Your eyes and forehead are after all part of your face. However, a facelift only treats the lower two thirds of the face, cheeks and jawline.

The facelift is certainly the most efficient way to rejuvenate your face!

Facelift: consultation

If you are considering having a face lift it is very important to be well informed and to make an appointment with a plastic surgeon.

Our plastic surgeon will evaluate your face and judge which type of treatment which is most suitable for you.

Our plastic surgeon will also ask you questions about:

  • Your health in general
  • Previous surgeries you had done
  • Your medication
  • Your alcohol and cigarette consumption
The BeauCare quality
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  • Warranty 1 year on internevtion at BeauCare
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Facelift and the type of anesthesia

A lifting can be performed both under local or general anesthetic. This will depend on:

  • Your personal choice
  • Your medical history
  • The technique to be applied

Patient reviews

Upper and lower eye lift with mini facelift

By Kaz on 23/04/2013
Very comfortable environment with friendly staff at all levels from reception to surgeon makes you feel relaxed. Very organised process

Very organised process, arrive, change, meet surgeon, anesthetist, walk down to theater, wake up in recovery with someone at your side reassuring you then into the second recovery phase in a room overlooking the gardens where your travel buddy can come sit with you. Off to hotel after surgeon visits and gives all clear.

Back the next day for drain and pressure bandage removal and Euro star back to London. Not a hell of a lot more than a good days shopping but a new improved face to show for it. Minimal pain-managed with paracetamol. All a very smooth process and much more reasonable price wise than UK. Has eye stitches out at GP then went back to Clinic Beaucare 11 days after surgery on Euro star to have face lift stitches out and do a bit of shopping (for Belgium chocolate of course). Nearly a month on and happy with results.

facelift: Techniques

Our surgeon will also inform you regarding instructions to be followed before and after your surgery. You will get explanations about the scars of the facelift, the recovery process and the result to be obtained.

To treat the lower part of the face we offer a whole range of surgical facelift options and techniques. Depending on the needs of your face.

In general we can offer three different techniques for the face lift:

  • Mini face lift, also called the MACS lift (Minimal Access Cranial Suspension), s lift or minilift: this is a technique with minimal scarring, where the underlying muscles of the cheeks and jaw line are lifted
  • Neck lift : this is technique wich is applied in order to lift the skin and the underlying tissues of the neck
  • Facelift : this is a combination of a mini face lift and neck lift, which lifts the skin and underlying tissues of the cheeks, jaw line and neck

There are many different types of facelifts and this may be confusing. All types of facelifts involve some manipulation of the SMAS (Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System) . This addresses the underlying muscles of the skin and allows the surgeon the elevate, reposition and lift the face and not just tighten the skin. All of the techniques for face lift offered at Clinic BeauCare may be called a SMAS lift.

The drawings below show the different techniques used for a lifting, from left to right the three possible procedure: (i) the necklift, (ii) the minilift and (iii) the (full) facelift, including neck lift and minilift.

Details of a neck-lift intervention and scarsDetails of a mini-lift intervention and scars Details of a full facelift intervention and scars

Facelift: results

The final result of a facelift may be judged as from three months after the surgery. You will look younger and fresher and it will make you feel good.

A lifting won’t treat all wrinkles of your face. You will still have wrinkles when talking and laughing, which will remain. Also fine wrinkles around mouth and eyelids will not completely dissapear with a face lift.

Careful placement of incisions in natural creases in front of the ears, in the skin on the back of the ears, and in the hairline around the ears will camouflage the scars.

The scars will fade away in time, become less red will turn to a tiny white line, often nearly unnoticeable.

A face lift can’t stop the aging process but it can certainly turn back the clock.

Face: Prices in Euros

Mini facelift (S-lift) 3450 – 3920
VAT incl.
Mini facelift + upper eyelids 4350
VAT incl.
Mini facelift + lower eyelids 4650
VAT incl.
Mini facelift + upper & lower eyelids 5250
VAT incl.
Neck correction 2950
VAT incl.
Mini facelift + neck correction 4950
VAT incl.
Mini facelift + neck correction + upper & lower eyelids 6950
VAT incl.
Mini facelift + neck correction + upper eyelids 5950
VAT incl.
Lipo neck (if in combination with facelift) 800
VAT incl.
Local/general anaesthesia: to be discussed
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