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The main contributors to the destruction of your flat abdomen are ageing, heredity, lifestyle, anatomy, losing/picking up weight and pregnancies. Your abdomen outline will change with time. A belly lifting will provide you with a flat abdomen in these cases.

Depending on the skin’s elasticity, the wall muscles and the accumulated fat, the surgeon can go for a different kind of belly surgery.

Every case will be thoroughly examinated in order to achieve the best result. During the first consultation your possibilities and technique will be discussed with your surgeon. A tummy tuck will certainly provide you with a flat abdomen!


Some people suffer with physical problems, such as back pain (because of strain on the muscle in the loins) or skin infections (in the folds of the skin). A tummy tuck is also advised for people who have stretch marks and a prominent belly, who can’t find clothes that fit them or when people mistakenly think they are pregnant.

Depending on the skin’s elasticity, the correct abdominal wall muscles, the size and position of the fat accumulation, a flat abdomen could be achieved by either a mini belly lift (possibly in combination with liposuction) or a total tummy tuck.

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Could you have a tummy tuck before getting pregnant?

You should only get a tummy tuck after your last pregnancy. The abdominal wall muscles and wall might get stretched again following a pregnancy. This is why you shouldn’t have a tummy tuck if you still want to have children.


One should have a stable weight before having a tummy tuck done. This surgery won’t help you to lose weight. Moreover, being overweight involves more risks when having surgery done. The result of a tummy tuck is much nicer for people who have a healthy body weight.

Patient reviews

Tummy Tuck Clinic BeauCare: I highly recommend

By Barbs on 22/05/2017
I have just had a tummy tuck a try Clinic Beaucare With Dr Ulens and I would recommend it to anyone.
Tummy Tuck Clinic BeauCare: I highly recommend

All of the staff are lovely, the receptionists are very prompt with replying to emails and questions you may have. The clinic is well presented and very clean. Dr. Ulens is lovely and very good at her job I would have more surgery done by her.

When I went for my consultation in London I was put off slightly as the consultant was 20 mins late. I still went ahead though because of all the good reviews I have read and I am glad I did!

Dr. Ulens did a thorough consultation herself before the surgery on the day.



The outcome of a tummy tuck is remarkable ! The abdominal wall tightening will also improve your daily comfort. Your belly will be much nicer. The belly will no longer be prominent, droopy and will be reduced. The scar won’t completely dissapear, but will fade in time and will be covered by your clothing.

Tummy tuck: Prices in Euros

Mini abdominoplasty 3450
VAT incl.
Full tummy tuck 3450 - 3950
VAT incl.
Extended incision 900
VAT incl.

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