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Men and women who find their buttocks too small or too flat can consider a buttock enlargement. This is an esthetic procedure which changes the size and shape of the buttocks using buttock implants.


The buttock augmentation is done under general anesthesia and takes about one to two hours. An incision of about 5 centimetres is made between the buttocks at tail bone height. The implant is inserted along this incision and placed between the buttocks, resulting in rounder and fuller buttocks. The wound inside is sutured in layers with dissolving thread. For the skin, the plastic surgeon uses non-dissolvable sutures.

A buttock enlargement is sometimes combined with liposculpture of the adjacent body parts and a thigh lift.

Buttock: Prices in Euros

Buttock implants 5850
VAT incl.
Lifting thigh 4950
VAT incl.
Lifting buttock 3950
VAT incl.

Buttock enlargement: before and after pics

Here you can find pictures of buttock enlargement

Patient reviews

Buttock implants…. Love them!

By Redeby on 16/11/2015
I had buttock implants 6 weeks ago and it is the best thing I've done, money very well spent. Before having it done I read lots of reviews, people saying they returned to work after 10 days etc, I was not expecting the pain and recovery to be so bad, 2,5 weeks was more realistic
Buttock implants…. Love them!

I travelled with my husband on the Eurostar from London, this was £60 each return, we got the train from Brussels Central to Vilvoorde which was 3 stops then walked to the hotel which was next to the station, we walked to the clinic in the morning which took about 20 mins (taxi would have been 10euro). I didn't want to spend another night in the hotel as we were trying to keep costs down and another night would have been £130 so I returned to London the same night. Sitting didn't hurt much but was very uncomfortable; getting down/up was painful and walking also hurt. So it would have been better to stay 1 night in a hotel after the surgery.

I LOVE my new body!!

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