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Many women are literally and figuratively burdened with heavy or hanging breasts. Some experience back troubles or shoulder pains, others have psychological problems. A breast reduction can be the solution for these aesthetical or medical inconveniences.

Together with your plastic surgeon you will discuss your new cup size. A breast reduction not only reduces your breasts, but thanks to the lifting effect you will also have firmer breasts.


There is an essential difference between a breast reduction and a breast uplift meaning that a breast reduction and not a breast uplift involves breast tissue to be taken away.

A breast reduction is done under general anaesthesia and takes about two to three hours. Two incisions are made: the first around the areola and the second from the areola to the breast fold. Excess skin and fatty and/or glandular tissue will be cut away. The skin, the nipple and the areola will then be rearranged.

During the breast reduction, a nipple correction or an areola correction can be executed as well, according to your wishes.

Sometimes during a breast reduction, subcutaneous drains are placed to drain off excess wound fluids. These tubes will be removed after two to three days. The wound will be stitched with fine sutures to make the scars as invisible as possible. One or two weeks after the breast reduction, these stitches will be removed.

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A breast reduction is usually final. Women who are planning to lose weight are advised to do so before the breast reduction. Breasts are subject to weight loss and, consequently, losing weight causes the breasts to sag.

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