Surgeries   S-lift

Under the influence of gravity, the sun, smoke, stress and living our faces can lose the young glowing form. The skin slackens, the jaw line loses its original contour and the nasal lip wrinkle becomes deeper. An S-lift or a MACS facelift cannot prevent the aging process but can set the clock back a short while.

A facelift can be carried out as soon as signs of aging appear and the patient feels a real need for their correction, generally between the age of 40 and 50.

On the first consultation you can also discuss other possible liftings (the minilift or macs-facelift and the aptos lift) with your plastic surgeon.


An incision is made on the front side of the ear. The skin is tightened and the excess skin removed.

An S-lift takes approximately three hours. You can go home the same day after the S-lift surgery.