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An extreme weight loss, a pregnancy or aging can remarkably reduce the elasticity of the skin, resulting in excessive droopy skin on the inside of the upper legs and the underside of the upper arms. A thigh lift (also known as thigh plasty) and/or an arm lift can address this problem.

Excess skin can be inconvenient both functionally and aesthetically. The overlying skin can start to rub, causing irritation, especially in warm weather conditions. But the floppy skin, hanging in layers, can also be experienced as an aesthetic problem. A thigh lift can solve these inconveniences.

A thigh lift or thigh plasty can be executed in different levels. Sometimes it can suffice to remove a piece of the skin on the inside and front side of the thighs. For this procedure, the surgeon makes an incision from the groin fold to the perineum. The scar will be located under the bikini line.

You can also opt for a thigh lift, in which the surgeon removes excess skin and subcutaneous tissue over the entire upper leg. This procedure leaves a scar that runs vertically at the inner back of the thighs.

Possible irregularities in the skin, such as cellulite, can disappear too after this type of thigh lift. A thigh lift or thigh plasty, just like the arm lift, is often combined with liposculpture, eliminating all excessive subcutaneous fat.

The surgery takes place under general anaesthesia and lasts two to three hours.

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During the first four weeks after the procedure you need to wear a special pair of tights which supports the skin and the scar. Walking and sitting down will be difficult at first and you should avoid heavy exertions during the first eight weeks. People usually go back to work about fourteen days after the thigh lift.

The scars of a thigh lift fade after a year. An additional endermology treatment (LPG) can, however, expedite the healing process. This treatment strengthens the skin and improves the circulation, increasing the elasticity of the skin more promptly.

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