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The minilift, S-lift or macs lift mainly provides a positive result on the neck, the jaw line and the so-called sagging cheeks.

The “mini” in minilift indicates a mini scar and a mini recovery period. After the minilift procedure you can go home the same day. The head is bandaged to limit swelling and extravasations. The swelling and any extravasations will disappear spontaneously after a week. You can reassume your daily activities in a normal way after a week.

A minilift has a permanent effect. The minilift does, however, not stop the aging process. Though, ten years after the minilift you will still look better than without having undergone a minilift.

10 / 10
Wim Danau preformed the most brillant surgery. His work is so fine, I am returning next week for breast surgery as I would'nt wish to go to anyone else ...

Yes its a pain to travel but 2 hours is nothing compared to the saving & i believe his work is better than most I have seen from top surgeons praised in this country !

Only downside is the stitch removal best is to ask your GP or a local nurse, I'm so pleased !!

on 29/01/2014 about Mini facelift