Surgeries   Chin lift

A neck correction, neck lift or chin lift serves for the treatment of wrinkled and sagging skin at the height of the chin and neck. This is the so-called under chin or double chin.  A chin lift is often combined with a macs-facelift, an aptoslift, a forehead lift, an eye lid correction and/or a liposculpture.


With a neck or a chin lift an incision is made in front of and behind the ear and around the earlobe. The plastic surgeon loosens the skin and pulls it tight. This is the moment when the accumulated fat is sucked out.

The plastic surgeon sometimes has to make a small incision under the chin when performing a chin lift. This way underlying muscles are corrected for an extra nice result.

Full anaesthetic is necessary for the chin lift and the procedure lasts approximately two hours.


The neck or chin lift takes approximately two hours and takes place under general anesthesia. This means that you can go home on the same day. After the chin lift a loose bandage is immediately applied. That bandage may be removed two days after the chin lift.

At the beginning there may be some bruises and swelling, but it will disappear spontaneously. One week after a chin lift, the stitches are removed. In the beginning the scars are red and thick, but over time they will fade until they are hardly visible.

The result of a chin lift is usually visible after three months and is, in principle, lasting.