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The local fat deposits which resist the best slimming procedures or sports can be treated by liposuction. Liposuction will improve your figure and is not a way to lose weight. It will however still be important to maintain a healthy eating habit and way of living.


This type of intervention will help to improve the look of your figure. Liposuction literally means sucking (suction) away the fat (lipo). Liposculpture is the advanced form of liposuction. 1 liter of fat only weighs 500 grams. This explains why liposculpture is not a way to lose weight but to improve the figure. The fat will be drained off by using fine needles. Using the latest techniques the bruising, pain and oedema will be smaller.

“Will the excessive skin be treated by liposuction?”

The excessive skin is not treated by liposuction, but the skin will retract within the following months. In some cases the surgeon may suggest to perform a lifting in combination with the liposculpture.


Nowadays, both terms are often used as synonyms. When practising liposuction the surgeon used big tubes which sucked away the deep fat. Apart from the fat, often other tissues were aspired as well. Nowadays, the removal of fat is more effective thanks to the advanced techniques of liposculpture.

Is liposuction effective in case of cellulitis?

Cellulitis is a mechanical phenomenon due to the hypertrophy of the fat cells which serves to stock the fat. A lipo treatment will help to reduce the stubborn fat and to improve your firgure, which will increase your self-confidence. To treat cellulitis we recommend to follow a healthy lifestyle, with well-balanced food and regular physical activities.

Patient reviews

Thigh Liposuction

By Kathie on 08/01/2015
If anyone is looking at getting this surgery done I highly recommend it and Beaucare was a very trustworthy clinic. I cannot describe how amazing it feels to be able to fit into jeans that I haven't fitted since I was a teenager! Can't wait for the full results, I'm already happy with my shape (no more saddlebags!) and it can only get better in the next few weeks!

I am now nearly 1 month post op from Clinic Beaucare and I had to post a review about how happy I am with how I was treated and how the results have turned out.

I've always had a bigger lower half and wanted surgery to slim down my whole thighs, so I went for lipo on the inner, outer and posterior thigh (just under the buttocks). I stayed in the Hotel Campanile in Vilvoorde and found it perfectly suited my needs for pre and post surgery and was very comfortable. On the day I actually walked to the clinic (about 20 minutes) as I wanted to
get my circulation going. Upon arrival I was warmly welcomed and the staff were very friendly. The clinic itself is beautifully designed and very clean and efficient. If you have anyone accompanying you they are well looked after with free drinks machines and comfy sofas!
I had a quick consultation where they ask you what shape you want to achieve, take a before photo and draw on the targeted areas. After that it was straight into the surgery room where the nurse was very friendly and chatty and the surgery table was heated and comfortable....

Zones to be treated with a Liposuction

  1. Neck/double chin (small area)
  2. Breasts
  3. Upper arms
  4. Stomach
  5. Lower abdomen (= belly)
  6. Hips
  7. Between lower abdomen and hips
  8. Pubis
  9. Saddle bags (outer thighs)
  10. Inner thighs high
  11. Inner thighs low
  12. Anterior thighs (front top)
  13. Knees front
  14. Inner knees
  15. Back of the neck
  16. Shoulder blades
  17. Back (superior – under the bra rolls)
  18. Waist (love handles)
  19. Back (lower back)
  20. Above the coccyx (tailbone)
  21. Buttocks
  22. Folds under the buttocks
  23. Posterior thighs


The BeauCare quality
  • warranty 10 years at Clinic BeauCare on breast implants
  • Warranty 1 year on internevtion at BeauCare
  • warranty ward 2016 BeauCare

Liposuction / Liposculpture: Prices in Euros

Lipo double chin 2450
VAT incl.
Liposuction 1 area 1950
VAT incl.
Liposuction 2 area 2250-2450
VAT incl.
Liposuction 3 area 2450-2950
VAT incl.
Liposuction 4 area 2950 - 3450
VAT incl.
Liposuction 5 area 3450 - 3900
VAT incl.
Revision liposculpture 1250
VAT incl.

Liposuction: before and after pics


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