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We recommend you to follow a lymph drainage (massage which encourages the capillary circulation), both before and after liposculpture. In combination with the lipo panty, the lymp drainage stimulates a better wound healing after liposculpture.


The lymph system consists of tissue fluid, lymph, which circulates in the lymph vains and irrigates the surrounding organs. This system has different functions: transport the dietary fat, eliminate waste, protect the organism against foreign bodies, and above all drain the interstitial fluid that bathes the tissue cells. It takes a lymph approximately 48 hours to make a complete tour: the lymph drainage is an automatic physiological function of the organism which can be stimulated by massages.


You could return home the same day of the liposculpture treatment. You should be accompanied to return home. You are not allowed to drive and using the public transport would be too risky.

During the first few hours after the liposculpture, the wounds may release fluid which was injected during the procedure. This fluid loss will stop spontaneously after a few hours. A special lipo panty should be worn for 4 weeks after your surgery. This pressure garment will help you to reduce the swelling. You can take off the lipopanty 4 days after the surgery and take a quick shower.

The lipopanty will be provided by our clinic. Intensive sports should be avoided for the first 4 weeks.

“Is the result of liposculpture permanent?”

The results of liposculpture are permanent. The human body stops producing fat cells after puberty. Liposculpture just removes these cells (90% of the fat cells are removed during the intervention, but 10% should stay in place in order to keep a nice skin). This way a permanent result can be obtained. The remaining fat cells can still swell up, because of wrong eating habits. Therefore, a different lifestyle is recommended.

One week after your surgery you can reassume your daily activities. Intensive sports should be avoided for the first 4 weeks. To improve recovery, we advise lymph drainage, a special lipopanty and no exposure to the sun for the first weeks. Swelling should go down after three weeks thanks to the lipopanty and lymph drainage.

Possible scars following liposculpture are very small and will nearly become invisible after a couple of months.


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