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The lifting of hanging breasts takes about two to three hours and you can leave the clinic the same day. During a breast uplift, subcutaneous drains (fine tubes) are sometimes placed to drain off excess wound fluids. These tubes will be removed after about three days.

After the lifting of breasts, you need to wear a support bra during one month. This bra perfectly supports your breasts and is measured on immediately after the breast uplift. The first few weeks after the breast uplift, heavy exertions should be avoided. Most patients go back to work after about a week.

Breast lifting leaves a scar around the nipple and a vertical scar that goes to the breast fold. Our plastic surgeon uses an advanced technique without incisions (and scars) in the breast fold. So, the inverted T or the so-called anchor scar belongs to the past. The aesthetic result is now far more beautiful.

The scars will be reddish at first but they will gradually fade and smoothen. To expedite the healing process after the lifting of hanging breasts, the scars can be carefully massaged with a moisturizing lotion after about two weeks.

It can happen, though only occasionally, that the scar needs to be corrected. It all depends on the surgery technique which was applied. This correction will be done under local anaesthesia and always provides great results.

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I couldn't recommend Beau Care enough. I was impressed, it was soo clean and nicely decorated, and the fact it didn't feel like a 'standard' hospital put me at ease.
Highly recommended - so glad I chose them

At first I had reservations about travelling abroad for cosmetic surgery, but after I had done plenty of research I felt quite confident about it. And it's only Belgium after all! I'm so glad I decided to go with Beau Care. I saved around £2000, compared to having it done in the UK, which is a massive amount of money for me. The morning I arrived at the clinic, I was impressed, it was soo clean and nicely decorated, and the fact it didn't feel like a 'standard' hospital put me at ease.

Dr Wim Danau performed my surgery, he was very reassuring on the morning of the operation, and I felt like I was in very capable hands. I would definitely recommend him. A couple of days after surgery I returned and was able to have my drains removed and my bandages changed. I am now 6 months post surgery, and I couldn't be happier with the results. I have no regrets, whatsoever. I couldn't recommend Beau Care enough. Please do get in touch if you have any questions at all, I know I felt it helpful to speak to people who had also been to Beau Care!

on 26/08/2015 about Breast lifting

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