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“When I looked at pictures of lifted breasts, I envied all these girls who had found happiness in having beautiful breasts again.”

“When I looked at pictures of lifted breasts, I envied all these girls who had found happiness in having beautiful breasts again. One day, I decided to make an appointment with a plastic surgeon. We had a long conversation where he took the time to listen to me and to answer all my questions and show me pictures of lifted breasts. His listening skills and professionalism soon gave me confidence that my operation would succeed.

After having considered for a while, we looked at pictures for my breast lift. He had a programme where you could define the volume and the shape you desired, while remaining realistic and honest about the final result. You see beautiful pictures of lifted breasts, but you mustn’t believe that you can order your breasts from a catalogue. The plastic surgeon has to examine you and advise you on a natural look.

You have to watch out for charlatans who promise you the breasts you always dreamed of for peanuts and who pressure you into having the operation.”

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My Breast Augmentation with Dr Sara Ulens

By lashes.34 on 28/10/2015
I had my breast augmentation done at Clinic Beaucare last Friday and I feel fabulous! They were so helpful and Dr Sarah Ulens couldn't have been nicer or more professional. I was seen at 2pm she talked me through the various options, even though I already new what I wanted (was a 32b wanted to go to a 32dd) I had under the muscle 435cc implants. I was back in the hotel at 6 watching tele. The first night was very uncomfortable I'm not going to lie but I haven't taken any pain relief since Saturday and I'm extremely pleased with the result so far. I'd highly recommend Dr Ulens and her team.
My Breast Augmentation with Dr Sara Ulens

I had a consultation about 1/2 an hour before the op with Dr Sarah Ulens, she showed me various implants and talked through the possibilities explaining what would work best for me. I went in wanting the implants over the muscle as the recovery time is a lot quicker but opted for under the muscle as it would be a more natural effect. She measured me and took some photos (side shots and front) then introduced me to the anesthesiologist who asked me various health questions and answered mine he then took me downstairs to the operating room and got me ready for surgery. The next thing I knew I was waking up in the recovery area. One thing I will say is its very cold in there and they only gave me a thin blanket so I was glad when they wheeled me upstairs where it was much warmer. I was also extremely thirsty when I woke up but they said I wasn't allowed any water as I might be sick from the general anestheic.

They like you to stay close incase of any complications. I stayed just around the corner in hotel Campanile it was only £30 for the night, nice and clean very similar to a travel lodge over here and it's a stones throw from vilvoorde train station. For me it wasn't painful the worst thing was getting over the anesthetic, I don't think I would of wanted to travel back home that night as I felt strange I just wanted to sleep.

“I had already seen all sorts of breast lift pictures on the Internet which has made me doubtful.”

“For my surgery, I wanted to choose my clinic carefully. I will never understand the people who are tempted by an advertising brochure filled with magnificent pictures of lifted breasts. It’s an important decision that must not be taken lightly.

At my first appointment for breast surgery, the plastic surgeon spent an hour explaining everything to me in the greatest detail. He listened to me and was very competent, and I only had good things to say about him. We looked at pictures of breast lifts to find out what I wanted and he explained the different steps of the procedure.

After my appointment, I was doubtful, seeing all sorts of breast lift pictures on the Internet. If the price was too low, I would find out why. I found out whether the savings were on the equipment or the guarantee, which is a bad sign in itself. In my case, if there were any problem in the year following my operation, any additional surgery would by free. I had no doubts about Clinic BeauCare.”

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