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You should normally be able to go home immediately after the eye lifting. The first few days you regularly need to put cold compresses on and around the eyes, but do avoid immediate contact between eyes and ice. These compresses will help the swelling and possible extravasations to wear off more quickly.
We also recommend you to wear sunglasses during the first week after the eye lifting. The sunglasses protect your eyelids against the light and hide possible extravasation when you walk outside.

The fine stitches will be removed about four to seven days after the eyelid correction. The skin of the eyelid is very thin and heals very quickly. After a few months the scar of the eye lifting will barely be noticeable. The scar of the upper eyelid lies in a natural fold and the scar of the lower eyelid lies just below the eyelashes.

Most people go back to work one week after the eye lifting. One day after the lifting of the upper eyelid you can wear your contacts again, but when your lower eyelid has been corrected you need to wait about a week. Heavy exertions should be avoided during two to three weeks after the surgery. Furthermore, we recommend you to sleep with your head 30 degrees higher during the first couple of days.

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Patient reviews

Upper and lower eye lift with mini facelift

By Kaz on 23/04/2013
Very comfortable environment with friendly staff at all levels from reception to surgeon makes you feel relaxed. Very organised process

Very organised process, arrive, change, meet surgeon, anesthetist, walk down to theater, wake up in recovery with someone at your side reassuring you then into the second recovery phase in a room overlooking the gardens where your travel buddy can come sit with you. Off to hotel after surgeon visits and gives all clear.

Back the next day for drain and pressure bandage removal and Euro star back to London. Not a hell of a lot more than a good days shopping but a new improved face to show for it. Minimal pain-managed with paracetamol. All a very smooth process and much more reasonable price wise than UK. Has eye stitches out at GP then went back to Clinic Beaucare 11 days after surgery on Euro star to have face lift stitches out and do a bit of shopping (for Belgium chocolate of course). Nearly a month on and happy with results.

Eyes: Prices in Euros

Upper 1550
VAT incl.
Lower 2250
VAT incl.
Upper & Lower 3450
VAT incl.

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