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However sportive and healthy you are, some areas of the body are inevitably confronted with accumulating fat. Smart lipo is a new method of fat elimination which tackles this problem.


Smart lipo is a revolutionary method to fight obstinate accumulating fat. During this intervention, a laser is used with a diameter of 1 mm. The smart lipo laser treats the desired zone immediately and makes kind of melt the fat. This way it is naturally assimilated by the body and expelled through the lymphatic system.

A smart lipo takes about 1 hour, depending on the zones to be treated. The smart lipo is extremely adequate for the elimination of accumulating fat on small surfaces, for example at the height of the upper arm, the belly, the thighs, hips and knees.


So, a smart lipo takes about 1 hour. The next day, work can be taken up again without any problems. Only sports, massage and sauna are inadvisable the first two weeks after the smart lipo.

After the smart lipo it is advisable to wear a special pressing bandage, to favour recuperation.

The results of a smart lipo are completely visible after 3 to 4 months. The smart lipo is often combined with a liposculpture, in order to achieve a definitive result.

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Patient reviews

Lipo Tummy Hips

By Ericatwinkle on 08/06/2013
I Recently had liposuction on my tummy and hips at Beaucare in Belgium. I paid £2400 and its the best £2400 I've ever spent!

The Clinic was spotless extremely clean & modern with very friendly staff. I stayed in Belgium
for 2 nights. One thing I will say is if u do have an extra day then stay for 3 nights after surgery as I was uncomfortable & found it slightly hard traveling.

When you wake from the procedure you will be uncomfortable & sore but it's nothing major to worry about and every day the pain gets better. After day 4 you will be feeling better. You can easily return to work after 1 full week/10 days. I would rate my whole experience 10/10 I am really really happy.

I was a full size 15 before and my tummy looked as tho I was 6 months pregnant constantly. I also had massive hips! I feel amazing now and am a size 12 with a flat tummy! I would highly recommend this Clinic.

Liposuction / Liposculpture: Prices in Euros

Lipo double chin 2450
VAT incl.
Liposuction 1 area 1950
VAT incl.
Liposuction 2 area 2250-2450
VAT incl.
Liposuction 3 area 2450-2950
VAT incl.
Liposuction 4 area 2950 - 3450
VAT incl.
Liposuction 5 area 3450 - 3900
VAT incl.
Revision liposculpture 1250
VAT incl.

Smart lipo: before and after pics

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