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Liposculpture is the advanced version of liposuction. Both terms are often used as synonyms, but in principle liposculpture is a more precise and effective way to remove fat and to improve the figure.


Every surgeon has his own technique which he uses to treat patients in order to get the best results. There exists off course some common principles : Liposculpture involves the injection of an anesthetic and blood staunching solution. This injection causes a swelling of the fat cells that allows dissolution of those fat cells. This way the surgeon can easily remove the fat cells with a fine needle of both deep and superficial fat.

The vibroliposculpture and ultrasound liposculpture practiced at Clinic BeauCare are among the most advanced techniques. Vibroliposculpture can be practiced both under local or general anesthesia and will take 1,5 hour to three hours, depending on the areas to be treated.


Both before and after the liposculpture or vibroliposculpture treatment it is advised to have lymph drainage carried out. Lymph drainage is a kind of massage which helps to stimulate the blood circulation and will lead to nicer scars following liposculpture.

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So happy with the results of my liposculpture.

The hospitality was excellent the nurse is with u right through very clean....its exactly what they say ...l look very good ...considering going for a smart lipo to look more lean as i was quite big...

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The result of liposculpture can be considered to be definitive as from 6 months after the treatment. The best results will be obtained if there was a good indication, followed by a correct treatment.

Liposculpture can remove stubborn fat deposits, in combination with a skin retraction and an improvement of the figure. You shouldn’t expect a perfect body, but an improvement of your figure! Even after a perfect liposculpture treatment some irregularities or cellulitis may persist.

But people who have realistic expectations, and in accordance with the advice of the doctor, will have very impressive results.


Although very nice results are obtained by a liposculpture treatment, imperfections may occur. Local imperfections can be reviewed by a revision liposculpture, which is performed under local anaesthesia.


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