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Rhinoplasty, better known as a nose correction, can be performed for physical or aesthetical reasons. On the one hand, a deformed nose can lead to obstructions and headaches. On the other hand, a nose can deviate from the so-called ideal so much that it can bother you. Rhinoplasty (and eventually nose tip correction) is desirable in both cases.


Each surgeon has its own specific technique which will be adfapted to obtain the best result. Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic surgical procedure that reshapes and resizes the nose. Rhinoplasty includes the relatively easy nose bridge correction, as well as the complex nose tip correction. Rhinoplasty can only be performed when the face is fully-grown, which is generally speaking around the eighteenth birthday. A surgery is also possible at a later age because the cartilage gets thinner when you get older and thus the elasticity of the nose reduces. So actually there is no age limit for having rhinoplasty.

Seeing that the nose has a complex anatomy, rhinoplasty is a very radical procedure with major consequences for your face, your self-confidence and emotional well-being. A thorough analysis of the present nose shape and the desired result before the actual rhinoplasty are therefore indispensable.

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Rhinoplasty does not provide immediate results. It takes about a year before the results can be properly assessed. It is very important to be aware of this fact. People who have realistic expectations are usually very happy with the results of their rhinoplasty.

Nose: Prices in Euros

Partial nose reshaping 3720 - 4350
VAT incl.
Nose reshaping / rhinoplasty 4350 - 4950
VAT incl.

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