Surgeries   Silicone leakage


Silicone has been used over the past half century for various uses. We even find this as well in the course of our daily lives (cool drink, lipstick, hairspray, pudding, clothing, baby care, …) as well as in the medical practice (pacemakers, heart valves, grease products, adhesives, …). This is also why this is one of the most sought after materials. During the years of the 90’s silicone was wildly reported to be the most popular. Frequently tested and found to be safe.

Scientific research has in the meantime also established that there is not a single connection existing which could connect breast cancer related to silicone breast implants.

Earlier on, silicone leakage (together with capsular contracture) was the main cause for the removal or replacement of breast implants. Due to the excellent quality of the present breast implants silicone leakage seldom occurs. The prosthesis filled with cohesive gel (this is the preference at Clinic Beaucare) simply excludes silicone leakage. One very important result of this is that the life span of the breast implant is gravely extended.

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