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At Clinic BeauCare we work only with last generation of cohesive gel breast implants.

Those breast implants offer currently the highest safety level because they are using a stable semi-solid gel which precludes breast implants to leak in the body.

There are different textures for those implants. You can choose between a smooth or textured implant on one hand and a round or drop-formed implant.

Even if the breast implants may seem surprisingly natural, the body might consider them as a foreign object. If a body rejects the breast implant, it will create a capsular contracture around the implant.

Some textures might show a higher risk of capsular contracture compared to others.

Capsular Contracture

The added value of breast implants textures against capsular contracture is stull under discussion in the scientific community. The breast implant textures would influence the development of contractile tissue around the implant. The textures would allow effective adhesion without being aggressive.

A stable breast implant can reduce the risk for capsular contracture. For anatomical shaped breast implants, this can also reduce the risk of rotation of the breast prosthesis.

Patient reviews

This clinic exceeded my expectation - Breast Enlargement

By C x on 28/06/2017
I recently had a breast augmentation at Clinic Beaucare & I honestly couldn't be happier with the results.
This clinic exceeded my expectation - Breast Enlargement

I went for a consultation in London which to be honest I didn't find particularly helpful. But I am extremely glad I didn't let that put me off because both the clinic itself & my results are exceptional.

The clinic is extremely professional & welcoming & actually exceeded my expectations.


Several textures for breast implants

There are different textures for the breast implants: micro or macro-textures and smooth. According to Dr. Nathalie Bricout, Plastic surgeon – Member of the national Academy of Surgery:

«Manufacturing methods and texture definitions vary from one manufacturer to another; so that the user can find their way, they must be defined by standardised criteria, both by their physical characteristics (height and pore diameter) and their biological consequences: tissue adhesion by cell colonisation. »

An example of a smooth wall with virtually no rough edges: it is simply an envelope dipped in several stages (the solvent is allowed to evaporate before dipping the next layer) with a protective layer interposed at a given time. The whole product is then
cured in the oven (HTV silicone).

The type of production, the texture definitions and form of breast implants differ from one manufacturer to another one. For the time being, there are no standardised criteria’s. During your consultation at Clinic BeauCare, you will review with your plastic surgeon the best choice for your specific case.

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