Breast enlargement: Real-life stories

“Enlarging my Boobs had become an obsession.”

“Before my boobs enlargement, I had a size 85A and was 1m75 tall. I would wear push-ups and I cheated by stuffing my bras. In private, my partners were often surprised and I could sense their disappointment… I felt so humiliated and at the same time I couldn’t accept my empty cups.

Enlarging my boobs had become an obsession. So I consulted a psychologist who helped me find my real motivation. Then I performed research and consulted experts. I was conscious of the possible risks of surgery and aware of the necessary post-operative treatment. I also checked what I would have to pay to enlarge my boobs.

Before the surgery, my plastic surgeon came into my room to define the areas for work with a felt tip, and the same day, I went home!

Since my boobs enlargement, no more push-up bras! I feel more at home in my body. I finally feel like a woman and my intimate relationships are much more enjoyable.”

9,5 / 10
Thank you sooo much Dr Danau. Amazing craftsmanship.
My Beautiful Boobbs

4 weeks now and the twins look amazing. Thank you sooo much Dr Danau. Amazing craftsmanship. You made me feel at ease and delivered what
you promised. another happy customer. The clinic is clean and and atmosphere friendly. Keep up the good work

on 03/10/2015 about Breast augmentation


“The results of my BOOBS enlargement were incredible!”

“Enlarging my boobs was a rational and well thought-out decision. But in the choice of plastic surgeon, I only listened to my instincts. For me, the success of cosmetic surgery depends on the professionalism of the plastic surgeon, but also his listening skills. The pre-operative discussion about boobs enlargement is therefore as important as the operation itself.

Of course, I had already selected several surgeons based on their career, their experience and their reputation. And in the end it was Clinic BeauCare which I trusted the most for my boobs enlargement. My plastic surgeon was very human, sympathetic and reassuring.

The results of my boobs enlargement were incredible! Despite the bandages, I could see that my figure had changed. I had a few aches for a week, but it was really nothing. Everything happened more than 4 years ago and the results are still the same!”

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