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Many women aspire to having bigger and firmer breasts. For sure, there are a number of reasons behind this. Sometimes their breasts may have been underdeveloped, or they have decreased in size over time and become less firm, for instance in the case of one or more pregnancies.

Of course, every woman has a different view of her body. Therefore, the idea of the optimal breast size is a subjective question and such decisions are quite personal. What one woman thinks for too small can be standard in the mind of another. An advice by  a plastic surgeon can be very useful to establish case by case if the breasts are undersized or not firm enough and if a breast operation to correct this is the right thing to do.

A desire for a breast enlargement procedure should not be motivated by wanting to satisfy your partner. The putting in place of silicone breast implants is a fast and effective way of enlarging the breasts. This intervention will provide a durable result. Currently, there is obviously no method known in current science of breast augmentation that is able to achieve comparable results.

When can a breast enlargement procedure take place?

Breast enlargement can be established, at the earliest at the age 18 years. Generally speaking, many women will contemplate a breast augmentation after having given birth, aged between 30 to 40 years. Breast enlargement costs are not covered by medical cost insurance policies.

Disadvantages of breast silicone implants

The body reacts to the insertion of a foreign body by encapsulating it with a layer of binding « capsular » tissue. This might happen for breast implants. For reasons not known yet, this capsule might shrink. In medical terms, capsule shrinking is a totally innocuous phenomenon. It would lead to unusually rounded and firm breasts.

The reduction in size of the capsule may represent a medical accident calling for a corrective breast intervention. Breast implants are resistant.

As with other technical methods however, the breast implants may suffer wear and tear, albeit to a very small degree. In the long run, the prosthesis may become porous. In this particular case, breast implants will have to be replaced. Today it is not however possible to define precisely the time frame.

Large scientific research projects have been carried out in this area, but there has never been any objective proof. The studies could not objectively state a difference in the state of health of groups of women with and without breast prosthesis.

The currently scientific and medical opinion today is that no proof has been provided that silicone breast implants represent a general health risk. Anyhow, any intervention under anaesthetic involves a certain number of risks, like haemorrhage and inflammation. In some cases, feeling in the nipple may undergo a change: either over-sensitive or not sensitive at all.

Patient reviews

My breast enlargement

By Remie Markus on 18/02/2016
My name is Remie, I live in The Netherlands and I always wanted to make my breasts larger. My problem is that I have always had a great fear for hospitals.
My breast enlargement

I had the impression that I was in a spa resort. It was very nice and the whole place was luxury and gave tranquility. At the back you can see a beautiful park. You think you are in a 5 star hotel and not in a hospital or clinic.

Dr. Wim Danau inspected my breasts. One breast was larger and the other smaller. He gave me the advice left 390cc and right 430cc. With round implants he thought this fits the best to me.

On February 17. I was at Beau Care to remove the stitches. This can also be done by your
local doctor or nurse.

I am very happy with my new breasts. They look great, well rounded and full. And left and right are the same size.

Read here all the review by Remie (PDF letter)



The breast enlargement procedure

The surgical breast procedure is carried out under anaesthetic with a one-day stay in hospital.

A 4 to 5 centimetre incision is made in the fold underneath the breast. The surgeon creates a cavity under the mammary gland or below the chest muscle. The breast implant is inserted into that cavity. This will raise the breast while keeping it intact. Breastfeed remains therefor possible.

The breast prosthesis are placed between the mammary gland and the chest muscle, or beneath the chest muscle, directly onto the ribs. During the consultation with the Clinic BeauCare plastic surgeon, the most appropriate method will be selected for your case. Once the breast operation is over, a water resistant bandage is put and the patient will be wearing a special support bra.

Aftercare for breast enlargement

After breast enlargement surgery, the breasts may be sensitive and a little tense. Similar feeling of discomfort will ease after a few days. When you leave the hospital, a consultation appointment can be arranged for check-up purposes. During this appointment, the stitches are removed if required. We advise that a homecare assistant be called upon for the first week back in the home.

The wearing of a support bra is recommended day and night during the first six weeks after the procedure. All movements that may be made without pain are allowed. For the first six to eight weeks after the intervention, patients should avoid participating in any sporting activities, carrying any loads and raising arms above the head. A careful breast massage with a cream or lotion may relax the scar after stitches have been removed.

Results of the breast augmentation

Breast augmentation is a justifiable medical procedure that often leads to fantastic results and very happy patients.  The result of a breast augmentation can be truly seen from approximately two to three months after the intervention. This delay is necessary for the breasts to become softer and for the implants to settle. Breast prosthesis are quickly experienced as a part of the body.

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