you should pay attention to your breasts for the first two months after your breast augmentation.

First days after breast augmentation

Breasts might be painful and tense for the first days after your breast augmentation. Your surgeon will prescribe you pain reflief.  Most women get back to work one week after their breast augmentation.

During six weeks you need to avoid sports, to lift heavy things, high reaching and sleeping on the tummy.

Risks with breast implants

Although risks after breast augmentation are seldom, they do occur. These possible complications will be tackled by your surgeon at your first consultation.

Late complications after breast augmentation

Less than 1% of patients might face a late seroma (after one year).

Dr. JM O’Donoghue :

«Late seromas are a factor of anxiety for many patients and can be a diagnostic dilemma for clinicians. Diagnostic dilemmas can lead to delays in appropriate treatment which may have significant consequences. »

Late seromas usually present with unilateral abnormal swelling. Bilateral simultaneous late seromas are very rare. Late seromas may occur due to late secondary haematomas, an implant rupture, late infection or breast tumour. A careful history and examination is paramount as it will direct the most appropriate investigation.

In the case your breast would swell abnormally more than one year after your breast enlargement, get in touch with Clinic BeauCare.

Treatment of late seromas

Treatment of late seromas depends on the cause. In the absence of infection or implant rupture, simple drainage may suffice for those seromas proven to be benign. This is most often the case.

An operative indication exists in case of a recurrent seroma, an associated infection, implant rupture or capsular contracture.