Clinic BeauCare, located in Machelen, in the outskirts of Brussels, is a private clinic dedicated to cosmetic and plastic surgery. We offer a wide range of the most progressive plastic and aesthetic surgery at honest all-inclusive prices.

Our clinic is fully equipped with the latest technology to provide you with the highest level of surgery.

Quality without compromise in cosmetic surgery

Clinic Beaucare is dedicated to aesthetic and plastic surgery. The surgeons at Clinic BeauCare are all experienced surgeons and registered at the Belgian Order of Physicians.

The staff at the clinic is specialized in plastic surgery and dedicated to the service and the comfort of the patient.

Our operating rooms are fitted with the latest equipment (and have approved S3 classification).

The BeauCare quality
  • warranty 10 years at Clinic BeauCare on breast implants
  • Warranty 1 year on internevtion at BeauCare
  • warranty ward 2016 BeauCare

Do you have questions for Clinic BeauCare?

Please get in touch with our secretariat or our plastic surgeons

Are the prices mentioned on the website all-inclusive prices? What is covered?

The prices on our website are all-in and include the following:

  • The intervention at Clinic BeauCare and the necessary equipment for a smooth conduct of the operation,
  • All prostheses, support bra and lipo-panty,
  • All necessary medication on the day of the surgery (pain medication, etc),
  • All post-operative care at Clinic BeauCare within 1 year after the surgery (removal of stitches, drains, changing of bandages, etc),
  • All check-ups within the year of the surgery,
  • A guaranty of 1 year: We will proceed within 1 year after the surgery with a free re-intervention in case of medical complication.

VAT is included in our prices since 2016. Have a look at the all-in prices of Clinic BeauCare.

Discover the Clinic BeauCare in pictures

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Our main surgeries:

Clinic BeauCare offers a wide range of cosmetic surgery in a day clinic system. The most frequent surgeries are breast augmentation, liposuction, facelift, abdominoplasty but also many others such as eyelid surgery, ear correction, buttock, gynecomastia, etc.

What are the guarantees related to a private clinic?

Clinic BeauCare uses the latest equipment in our very recent and modern premises. Our three operating rooms have an approved S3 classification and the purified air is according to standards of ISO Class 7.

How is a surgery at Clinic BeauCare?

Good to know: find all the information on how to plan your trip, especially regarding transportation and hotels, in the heading “prepare your trip”.

Patient reviews

Thigh Liposuction

By Kathie on 08/01/2015
If anyone is looking at getting this surgery done I highly recommend it and Beaucare was a very trustworthy clinic. I cannot describe how amazing it feels to be able to fit into jeans that I haven't fitted since I was a teenager! Can't wait for the full results, I'm already happy with my shape (no more saddlebags!) and it can only get better in the next few weeks!

I am now nearly 1 month post op from Clinic Beaucare and I had to post a review about how happy I am with how I was treated and how the results have turned out.

I've always had a bigger lower half and wanted surgery to slim down my whole thighs, so I went for lipo on the inner, outer and posterior thigh (just under the buttocks). I stayed in the Hotel Campanile in Vilvoorde and found it perfectly suited my needs for pre and post surgery and was very comfortable. On the day I actually walked to the clinic (about 20 minutes) as I wanted to
get my circulation going. Upon arrival I was warmly welcomed and the staff were very friendly. The clinic itself is beautifully designed and very clean and efficient. If you have anyone accompanying you they are well looked after with free drinks machines and comfy sofas!
I had a quick consultation where they ask you what shape you want to achieve, take a before photo and draw on the targeted areas. After that it was straight into the surgery room where the nurse was very friendly and chatty and the surgery table was heated and comfortable....