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Thanks to the advanced techniques of lipoaspiration there is no age limit to have lipoaspiration performed.

Before getting lipoaspiration done, you are advised to slim first if you have overweight. This way the body is better prepared.

Due to hormones, the body may accumulate fat in certain areas, which are resistant to diets and sports. Women tend to accumulate fat round the belly, hips and thighs. Men on the other hand rather tend to have fat localised in the waist area. Lipoaspiration is a way to improve the figure, but not to lose weight.


“Lipoaspiration” and “liposculpture” are used as synonyms. Whatever term is used, this is the best way to achieve a nice figure. Lipoaspiration is the advanced treatment of liposuction. This treatment offers a harmonious and non traumatic aspiration of excessive fat cells.


You will have a consultation with the aenesthetist prior to your lipoaspiration surgery.

Tobacco is not really forbidden, but often causes problems regarding healing of the scars. Therefore it is advised not to smoke one month before and one month after the lipoaspiration.

In some cases you may be asked to stop taking the birth control pill in case of risk factors such as obesity, venous insufficiency and coagulation problems.

It is advised to follow lymph drainage, before but also after the lipoaspiration.

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Lipoaspiration can radically and definitively diminish localised areas of protruding fat.

Liposculpture involves the injection of an anesthetic and blood staunching solution.

This makes the fat swell up and the fat cells become weak, so that they can easily be drained off using a fine needle. This way, both deep and superficial fat can be removed.

Lipoaspiration can treat the following areas : belly, buttocks, hips, thighs, upper arms, knees, neck and chin.


Thanks to recent techniques, with the use of fine needles, the skin gets less damaged after the treatment and will shrink more easily.


Patient reviews

My liposculpture @ BeauCare

By Maxine on 14/01/2013
So happy with the results of my liposculpture.

The hospitality was excellent the nurse is with u right through very clean....its exactly what they say ...l look very good ...considering going for a smart lipo to look more lean as i was quite big...

Liposuction / Liposculpture: Prices in Euros

Lipo double chin 2450
VAT incl.
Liposuction 1 area 1950
VAT incl.
Liposuction 2 area 2250-2450
VAT incl.
Liposuction 3 area 2450-2950
VAT incl.
Liposuction 4 area 2950 - 3450
VAT incl.
Liposuction 5 area 3450 - 3900
VAT incl.
Revision liposculpture 1250
VAT incl.

Liposaspiration: before and after pics


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