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Considering a nose correction? This is a very personal decision with utmost importance of informing yourself good and thoroughly.

A nose correction is executed for instance to change the nose tip, to make the nose smaller, to adjust a crooked nose, to remove a hump or to reform the angle between the nose and the upper lip.

Depending on the type of nose correction, the surgery may be done under general anaesthesia. The nose correction takes about one to two hours.

An aesthetical nose correction can be done in several ways. The first possibility is a ‘closed nose correction’, a procedure that leaves no scars. This type of nose surgery offers only a limited range of possibilities to change the nose tip.

Secondly, an ‘open nose correction’ provides a better view on the structures of the cartilage and so the tip can be changed more precisely. The plastic surgeon makes an incision at the inside of the nose. This way, the skin of the nose can be detached from the cartilage beneath it and consequently the cartilage can be changed into the desired proportions. This ‘open nose correction’ makes the swelling of the nose stay longer because the lymph drainage is interrupted. The little scar becomes invisible after a few weeks.

Reduction of the nostrils is yet another procedure involving pieces of skin tissue on the bottom of the nostrils to be removed. There is practically no scar left after this type of nose correction since the soluble stitches are made into the fold between the nose and the cheeks.

A nose correction is, however, not always the most desirable procedure. Sometimes a chin implant is a better solution to the problem of a big nose as it makes the nose look less outspoken.


Immediately after the nose correction the plastic surgeon places two cotton wool plugs in the nose in order to stop any bleeding.

These plugs should best be left for 24 hours in the nose after the nose correction has taken place. For this reason the patient will temporarily have to breathe through the mouth. Once these plugs have been removed the nose could still remain blocked for a while since the mucous membrane has swollen as a result of the operation. A salt water solution could alleviate this problem. It is also highly recommended to not blow your nose for at least two weeks after the nose correction.

After the nose correction a synthetic plaster cast is placed over the nose. Discolouration and a swollen face are entirely normal after a nose correction. In addition these symptoms could even become worse after the first 48 hours following the nose correction. It means that the swelling can be asymmetrical even though the nose correction was done symmetrically.

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In order to reduce the swelling and the discolouration it is recommended that two cushions are used to sleep on and during the day that one remains sitting upright and walk about as much as possible. Activities whereby the blood pressure drastically rises such as sport, but also bending and lifting, should preferably be avoided for three months.

Against any pain after a nose correction, one can take a paracetamol tablet.

Approximately 10 days after a nose correction the bandage is removed and the change becomes obvious. The swelling and the discolouration largely have disappeared by then. The majority of people resume their daily and professional activities 10 to 20 days after a nose correction. The final result of your nose correction will be visible after 6 months to one year.

Nose: Prices in Euros

Partial nose reshaping 3720 - 4350
VAT incl.
Nose reshaping / rhinoplasty 4350 - 4950
VAT incl.

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