Surgeries   Forehead lift

Do you look tired or angry, while you actually feel good? The forehead lift is extremely suitable for the lifting of forehead wrinkles and brows. This procedure will make you radiant like never before.

When in consultancy with the plastic surgeon, he will determine what the exact cause of the problem is. If there are any signs of sagging brows, a brow lift will be sufficient.


The technique requires an incision along the hair implant line.

The procedure lasts approximately 2 hours and is done under general anaesthetics.


A bandage is applied after the operation and it should stay on for one week. One week after the fore head lift, you may also return to work. Sports, bending and lifting should be limited for the next two to three weeks.

The wound area in the forehead lift is very small, which helps the healing and the scars become virtually invisible over time.