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How do I improve my facial contour?

Facial creams won’t improve the look of your facial contour. By means of a facelift your muscles and skin will be tightened, which will give you a much younger look.

How do you prepare yourselves the weeks before your facelift?

It is extremely important to quit smoking six weeks before and six weeks after your facelift, in order to avoid difficulties healing.

Two weeks prior to your facelift you shouldn’t take any aspirin, or other medication which tinnens the blood.

It may be necessary to quit some other medication prior to your surgery as wells. This will be explained at the consultation.

How do I prepare myself on the day of my face lift?

It is important not to eat or drink anything six hours before your treatment.

It is also recommended to wear support stockings (to be purchased before the surgery and to take them with on the day of the surgery).

Wear comfortable clothing, for example a blouse or cardigan, which you don’t have to pull over your head after your face lift.

You shouldn’t wear any makeup and jewels, you should take them off anyway.

The morning of your procedure, take a shower and wash your surgical areas with antimicrobial soap.

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Will I be in pain after my facelift?

During the facelift procedure you won’t be in pain, as local or general anesthesia will be used.

After the procedure patients often experience swelling and discomfort, but these symptoms can be controlled with pain medication. You could use cool compresses to reduce swelling and pain.

Could I immediately eat after my face lift?

It might be difficult to open your mouth wide enough after your facelift. Therefor it is advised to purchase some soft food, which you could easily eat after surgery.

As from when am I allowed to shower after my facelift?

As soon as the bandage is removed you might take a shower and wash your hair. Make sure to dry the scars well after taking a shower.

As from when am I allowed to bathe after my face lift?

You should avoid bathing, sauna and pool for the first six weeks after your facelift. The heat of a sauna or bath may influence the healing proces. Wound edges may also get weak due to bathing, which may cause little wounds.

As from when may I color my hair?

You may color your hair as from six weeks after your facelift, for as long as all scars are nicely healed.

Will facelift scars be very noticable?

Our plastic surgeon will aim for the best combination of effectiveness and discretion in placing incisions during the facelift surgery. The incisions will be made above the hairline, so that scarring will be hidden. Scars may also follow natural facial creases, for example the line where the ear meets the sife of the face. These locations heal well and hide possible scarring better than other areas.

In the beginning the scars may be red and noticable, but they will fade in time. It’s important to keep your face protected from the sun, because you will be more vulnerable to sunburn for the first months after your facelift.

When could I get back to work after my face lifting?

Most patients return to normal daily activities and work after about two weeks after a facelift. The recovery process may even be less when you had a mini facelfit. You should refrain from strenuous activities for about four weeks. The delay to get back to work will thus also depend on the type of job you perform.

Will a facelift have an impact on my facial expressions?

You will keep the same facial expressions as before your facelift, as you will still have wrinkles when talking and laughing.


Face: Prices in Euros

Mini facelift (S-lift) 3450 – 3920
VAT incl.
Mini facelift + upper eyelids 4350
VAT incl.
Mini facelift + lower eyelids 4650
VAT incl.
Mini facelift + upper & lower eyelids 5250
VAT incl.
Neck correction 2950
VAT incl.
Mini facelift + neck correction 4950
VAT incl.
Mini facelift + neck correction + upper & lower eyelids 6950
VAT incl.
Mini facelift + neck correction + upper eyelids 5950
VAT incl.
Lipo neck (if in combination with facelift) 800
VAT incl.
Local/general anaesthesia: to be discussed
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