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The breast augmentation surgery will increase the size of the breasts by placing breast implants.

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Women can only have their breasts corrected if they no longer develop spontaneously. As from 18 years onwards breast surgery can be carried out. Most women have a breast surgery done once they’ve had children, and this between 30 and 40 years. A breast augmentation is final, but almost never reimbursed by social law. If you change your mind later, you will have to undergo a new operation.


A breast augmentation takes about one hour and is performed under general anesthesia. You could return home the same day of your breast augmentation. You should however be accompanied.

The first couple of days after your breast augmentation – especially for submuscular placement – the breasts will be hard and swollen. The surgeon will prescribe pain killers.

If you have round implants you may take off the supportive bra after two days to shower and to wash the bra. Wearing well the supportive bra, ensures optimal positioning of the implants.

Most women get back to work one week after their breast augmentation. Stitches are removed two weeks after the breast augmentation. Scars could be gently massaged as from then onwards with a moisturizing cream. This will help to speed up the recovery.

The special supportive bra should be worn for four to six weeks after the breast augmentation. This bra will be put on immediately after your surgery and will help to limit the swelling and to support the breasts. Sports, lifting heavy objects and reaching high should be avoided for six weeks. Also sleeping on your belly should be avoided for the first weeks.

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  • warranty 10 years at Clinic BeauCare on breast implants
  • Warranty 1 year on internevtion at BeauCare
  • warranty ward 2016 BeauCare


Although complications after breast augmentation are quite exceptional, they do occur. The most common risk is an infection, capsular contracture, rimpling and healing problems. These risks will be well explained by your surgeon at the first consultation. The texture of the breast implant might also influence capsular contracture.

When can the final result of the breast augmentation be judged?

The final result of a breast augmentation can only be judged as from six months after the procedure. Swelling will then have completely disappeared and the pectoral muscle will have adapted to the new shape. Breast implants will soon feel as a part of your body.

A day for your breast augmentation at the Clinic BeauCare

Good to know : the result of a breast augmentation is permanent. A mammography is still possible.

Patient reviews

My Breast Augmentation with Dr Sara Ulens

By lashes.34 on 28/10/2015
I had my breast augmentation done at Clinic Beaucare last Friday and I feel fabulous! They were so helpful and Dr Sarah Ulens couldn't have been nicer or more professional. I was seen at 2pm she talked me through the various options, even though I already new what I wanted (was a 32b wanted to go to a 32dd) I had under the muscle 435cc implants. I was back in the hotel at 6 watching tele. The first night was very uncomfortable I'm not going to lie but I haven't taken any pain relief since Saturday and I'm extremely pleased with the result so far. I'd highly recommend Dr Ulens and her team.
My Breast Augmentation with Dr Sara Ulens

I had a consultation about 1/2 an hour before the op with Dr Sarah Ulens, she showed me various implants and talked through the possibilities explaining what would work best for me. I went in wanting the implants over the muscle as the recovery time is a lot quicker but opted for under the muscle as it would be a more natural effect. She measured me and took some photos (side shots and front) then introduced me to the anesthesiologist who asked me various health questions and answered mine he then took me downstairs to the operating room and got me ready for surgery. The next thing I knew I was waking up in the recovery area. One thing I will say is its very cold in there and they only gave me a thin blanket so I was glad when they wheeled me upstairs where it was much warmer. I was also extremely thirsty when I woke up but they said I wasn't allowed any water as I might be sick from the general anestheic.

They like you to stay close incase of any complications. I stayed just around the corner in hotel Campanile it was only £30 for the night, nice and clean very similar to a travel lodge over here and it's a stones throw from vilvoorde train station. For me it wasn't painful the worst thing was getting over the anesthetic, I don't think I would of wanted to travel back home that night as I felt strange I just wanted to sleep.

Breast augmentation: when should I replace my breast implants?

How long do breast implants last? When should I replace my breast implants?

Breast implants can last a lifetime, but unfortunately there is no way to predict how long any particular one will last. At Clinic BeauCare, we know by experience that current silicone gel implants are much more durable than other technology implants placed twenty years ago.

For those older implants we advise to have them replaced after 10 years. You might still have no problems with these older implants, but breast implants should get renewed, as women’s breast changes over time and may need to change the size of their implants or lift their breasts.

Nowadays first-class breast implants manufacturers provide 10 year warranty on their implants.For the actual breast implants we advise to have them checked after 10 years by means of an ultrasound. In order to detect a gel implant rupture, a radiologic study, such as an MRI or ultrasound, is required.

On top of the breast augmentation cost, Clinic BeauCare charges an additional price for the renewal of breast implants because this surgery is more complicated and requires more time. Don’t hesitate to contact Clinic BeauCare to discuss your breast implants replacement.

Breast: Prices in Euros

Breast enlargement with cohesive gel silicone-filled implants with micro textured surface from 200 cc to 600 cc 3300
VAT incl.
Replacement breast implants 3300
VAT incl.
Breast reduction 3600 – 4950
VAT incl.
Breast uplift without implants 3600 – 4650
VAT incl.
Breast uplift with implants 5950 - 6950
VAT incl.
Capsular contracture Additional cost of 950
VAT incl.
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