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Only a breast uplift or mastopexy can correct hanging breasts.

Breasts can lose their firmness as a result of aging, pregnancy or weight loss. A breast uplift can handle this problem. In all cases, massages or exercices of the breast muscle won’t lift the breasts. Depending on your wishes regarding volume and elasticity of your breasts, the surgeon can go for a breast augmentation or breast reduction.


The surgeon can opt for a breast augmentation if the gland volume is lost, when the nipple is not located too low and when there is no major excess skin. In this case the surgeon will place a breast implant behind the mammary gland. This type of procedure will have a lifting effect and leaves only few scarring.

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Don’t hesitate to talk about it with other women who have the same idea or who already had breast augmentation. You will notice that you are not the only one having some questions. You can do this in writing or by phone and/or consult forums. A lot of newspapers and magazines have often visited chat groups.

Don’t be afraid to discuss your plans with other women who also want their breasts to be corrected or who already had a breast uplift. You won’t be the only one who is looking for further advice. So discuss it and visit forums to get you prepared. Some newspapers or magazines offer blogs to discuss.


If the breasts are pendulous and the nipples are located below the breast fold, then you will need a breast uplift. The surgeon will then remove skin and mammary gland, which will leave more scars. This type of lifting will take two to three hours and will be performed under general anaesthetic.


In order to lift the breasts, the surgeon will make two incisions : one round the areola and the other one vertically from the areola towards the breast fold. When the incisions are made, the excessive skin will be removed and the areola and nipples will be rearranged to a higher position. The skin around the areola will be stretched to reshape the breast. It is possible to insert a breast implant at the same occasion or to correct the areola.

Will scars be visible after a breast uplift?

Using an advanced technique of breast uplift, scars will become nearly invisible one year after the surgery. The scars will be reddish at first. They will gradually fade. The surgeon will use a technique without scar in the breast fold, so there is no longer an anchor or T-shaped scar.



Sometimes during a breast uplift, subcutaneous drains are placed to drain off excess wound fluids. These tubes will be removed after two to three days.

The wounds will be stitched with fine sutures to make the scars as invisible as possible. One or two weeks after the breast uplift, the sutures will be removed. The scars could then be massaged in order to improve the healing process.

You should wear a special supportive bra for at least one month. This bra will be put on immediately after your breast uplift procedure. The first weeks after your surgery the movement of your arms and shoulders will be limited. It is also advised not to practise sports for the first six weeks.

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