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As years go by your skin will loose its elasticity. Continuous contractions of the face and neck muscles cause deepening of existing folds and also new wrinkles and folds occur. The law of gravity is responsible for the sagging of the skin and the underlying fat tissue. Hereditary factors and way of life (e.g. smoking) play an important role here too.

As a result of this more and more fine wrinkles occur and already existing wrinkles deepen. Typical are wrinkles due to frowning, deepening of the nose mouth fold and deepening of the folds running down from the mouth towards the jaw. Also the jaw line sometimes changes because of sagging of fat in the cheeks (hamster cheek). The neckline suffers from folds as well.

In order to treat both face and neck our plastic surgeon will perform a face lift.

Facelift technique

When performing a facelift the plastic surgeon makes an incision from the hair line of the temples, via the natural fold in front of and behind the ear towards the back of the head. The excess skin will be cut away, underlying tissues will be stitched with tension. Possible excessive fat will also be removed.

The plastic surgeon may also make a little incision under the chin in order to stretch the neck muscles.

In order to devide traction on the skin, the stitches are applied in various layers.

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Facelift post treatment

After a facelift a bandage will be put on to prevent from postoperative swelling. Also drains will be attached to catch the excessive blood and wound fluid. Both bandage and drains will be removed after 24 hours. Therefor you should return to our clinic the day after your facelift.

Your face will remain bruised and swollen for several weeks. Therefor we advice you to refrain from social contacts and work for the 10 days. Often two weeks after the procedure it will be difficult to notice you had surgery done.

It’s very important to keep your face protectd from the sun. You will be more vulnerable to sunburn for the first months after your facelift. When staying out of the sun it will help scars to heal as inconspicuously as possible. You should apply sunscreen regularly.

Bathing, swimming and sauna should be avoided for at least six week after a face lifting.

Facelift risks

Facelifts are common and successful procedures, but, like any surgery, they are not without risks.

While a face lift can turn back the clock, correct sagging skin, tighten facial muscles and improve your facial contour, it can also involve some risks:

Although complications are not frequent, but patients should make sure to reduce risks themselves. To start with it is important to choose a qualified and experienced surgeon, who will use safety standards in order to prevent infection and achieve a desirable cosmetic outcome. They should also be honest with their doctors with regards to information they proved regarding their health history, smoking and drug use.

Without the right information surgery may lead to serious complications. Furthermore, it is very important that patients follow the doctors instructions before and after the procedure. It is most important to quit smoking six weeks before and six weeks after the facelift procedure. Patients who haven’t quit smoking have more chance on difficulties healing, visible scarring and even unsatisfactory results.

Facelift before and after pics

Face: Prices in Euros

Mini facelift (S-lift) 3450 – 3920
VAT incl.
Mini facelift + upper eyelids 4350
VAT incl.
Mini facelift + lower eyelids 4650
VAT incl.
Mini facelift + upper & lower eyelids 5250
VAT incl.
Neck correction 2950
VAT incl.
Mini facelift + neck correction 4950
VAT incl.
Mini facelift + neck correction + upper & lower eyelids 6950
VAT incl.
Mini facelift + neck correction + upper eyelids 5950
VAT incl.
Lipo neck (if in combination with facelift) 800
VAT incl.
Local/general anaesthesia: to be discussed

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