Surgeries   Smas-facelift


After the SMAS facelift a bandage and two small drains are immediately attached to limit the swelling and the bleeding. The bandage and the drains may be removed after 24 hours.

The face will remain swollen for a few weeks. The swelling and eventual tingling will disappear by itself in time. Lymph drainage can however speed up the removal of fluid. The bruising disappears within two weeks following surgery. Stitches will be removed after 10 to 14 days.

After one month all signs of swelling have usually disappeared. The zones from which the skin was detached may feel slightly hardened. The ears will not regain normal sensitivity for two months. The scars will still be slightly pink and will not fade until six months after surgery.

It is strived thereto to obtain a most natural result that retains your own personal radiance. For the definitive or final result of the SMAS-lift one has to wait for two to three months. The results of a SMAS-lift are for life.

It is equally important to know that a SMAS facelift does not prevent skin aging. But after ten years you will still look better than if you never had a SMAS-lift done.