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Approximately 2% of the female population has at least one inverted nipple. In most cases women are born that way. This could be solved easily with a nipple correction under local anaesthetic.


Inverted nipples have different forms. The first type of inverted nipple is the “normal shaped” nipple which inverts occasionally. To prevent this, a small ring is placed around the nipple to prevent it from inverting again. If the nipple is other wise normal, this type of inverted nipple can be corrected easily. There are no scars with this operation. Breastfeeding will also be no problem after the nipple correction. The milk ducks will stay intact.

The second one is the “badly outlayed” inverted nipple. This type of inverted nipple is manifested from puberty and is more difficult to correct. A scar has to be formed through the nipple to loosen the milk ducks. It is after-all these milk ducks that cause the inversion of the nipple.

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This operation may cause a discharge for a few weeks. After correcting this type of inverted nipple, breast feeding may no longer be possible.

Both nipple corrections are done under local anaesthetic. You may go home straight after the procedure.

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