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Some people often look tired or angry, while they actually feel fine. This is often because of sagging eyebrows which seem to press on the upper eye lid. This is often a combination between their lay out and the slacking of the tissue because of age. An eyebrow lift – even not in combination with an eye lid correction – can prevent this.


With an eyebrow lift the plastic surgeon makes small incisions. This way he removes the excess skin on the brow and the brow is pulled up.

This type of eyebrow lift takes approximately two hours and is also done under general anaesthetic. You may go home the same day. The day after the operation there may be some light swelling and a bit of blood. This will disappear within a week or two.

After the stitches are removed the scars may be a bit red. The incisions are made in places which are not easily noticeable. The results of an eyebrow lift are long lasting.

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Brow lift 3850 – 4650
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