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Clinic BeauCare only uses last generation breast implants : cohesive silicone breast implants which will create a nicer breast shape. The new cohesive silicone gel filled implants are more solid and are safer. The filling won’t spread into the body in case of rupture.


There are many kinds of breast implants which may vary in filling, shape, size, surface and off course quality. You should be well informed about the different types.

Our surgeons only use the best quality of breast implants. They will explain you the different types of breast implants which could be offered.

Breast implants have a covering and a filling.

The covering is often silicone and our clinic only uses the cohesive silicone gel filled implants. Furthermore there are round and teardrop implants, the covering may be smooth or rough, but our breast implants are always 100% safe and medically approved.

NOTE : The size of breast implants is expressed in grams or in cc and a cup size is very subjective.


We advise our patients to choose a size of breast implant in proportion to their morphology. Off course also higher volumes may be considered. Also the profile of the breast implant is important.

The profile of a breast implant will determine the way the upper part of the breasts is filled and how the breast will look in certain clothing. For the same size their exist three profiles :

  • Low profile is wide and flat and will give minimum projection
  • Moderate profile has a more narrow width, but more projection, which will result in a a breast which projects forward more. This is a good option for slim women
  • High profile implants have a smaller base & project more outward. This type of implant will fill the upper part of the breasts


Breast implants are quickly experienced as a part of the body. However your body may consider this implant as a foreign object and create a layer around the implant. With some breast implants you run less risk of capsular contracture than with other ones. Therefore you should be well informed on the different kinds of breast implants.

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