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Labia minora which are comparatively too big can cause physical hindrance or can be considered an aesthetic problem. A labia reduction or labiaplasty can solve these aesthetic or physical problems. It is embarassing to have big labia and to discuss this with other people. Although it is seen as a taboo, many women get their labia reduced.


The inner labial procedure will help women who find their inner labia (or labia minora) comparatively too big. If this symptom is very bad it may be considered as an aesthetic problem, which might cause problems during sexual intercourse, when practising sports or when wearing adjusted clothes. In this case a labia reduction will be the best option.

Labiaplasty: who chooses to have the labia corrected?

More and more women find their inner labia too big and have their labia reduced by a surgeon.

However, most of the women who seek help for a labia reduction have labia which can be quoted as ‘normal’, there is quite a range of different morphologies.

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The perception of what is quoted as “normal” depends on hunting the ideal look. Of course just an aesthetic reason is a good indication for a labia reduction. The doctors at the BeauCare Clinic will be open minded to respond to any query regarding labia correction.

Labia reduction: Prices in Euros

Labia reduction 1690
VAT incl.

Patient reviews

Labiaplasty-Great Result

By SaraK on 12/02/2010
A year on and I am absolutely delighted with the result. My love life is incredible and it was by far the best decision I made. It has changed my life.

I was nervous about having a labiaplasty procedure done but knew I could never enjoy making love properly until I did. I was recommended by a friend to visit Clinic Beaucare. She had breast implants and labiaplasty the year before and loved the results. I went to my initial consultation in Harley Street and found the doctor quite dismissive wiith little time for my questions, however my friend had had the same experience but said that the team in Brussels were lovely.

I decided to go ahead and the staff in Brussels were great. I arrived and was made to feel at ease and the procedure was fast and painless! I opted to have only local anaesthetic, so was awake throughout and although it was a weird experience it was over quickly. I was in bearable pain for a couple of days afterwards and very swollen for a couple of weeks but just took it easy. My main problem was a mild infection in week 2 as my stitches didn't dissolve
quickly and caused irritation, this did cause problems for 3 weeks with a couple of them becoming mildly infected but I took a course of antibiotics and was fine.

A year on and I am absolutely delighted with the result. My love life is incredible and it was by far the best decision I made. It has changed my life.

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