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Some women find it disturbing that their inner or small labia are relatively big. This can cause physical hindrance or is considered an aesthetic problem. In these cases it is possible to have a labia reduction performed.

Labiaplasty Surgery

For a labia reduction only a light form of anaesthetic is required to allow the plastic surgeon to remove the excess tissue.

Dissolvable sutures that need not be removed afterwards are used to close the wound.  As it is important for the scar to remain supple afterwards, the surgeon will choose for a zigzagging scar. The wound will heal fast.

Post labiaplasty

The vagina will feel painful at first, it can be swollen and the wound can be moist.
As there are many blood vessels running through the labia it is very likely for bruising to occur, causing blue discolouring.

Sitting down, using the toilet as well as sexual intercourse can be painful the first week.
After care of the wound and the surrounding area is extremely important the first few days. You are advised to rinse the vagina with clear water each time you have used the toilet. Wear a mini sanitary towel for two weeks.

The scars will soon feel supple and will hardly be visible.

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