Surgeries   Breast correction


A breast correction takes about an hour and is done under general anaesthesia. You will be able to go home the same day.

The first few days after the breast correction, especially after a submuscular placing, the breast can feel sore and tense. The plastic surgeon will therefore prescribe some effective painkillers to ease the pain.

Even if the breasts are not painful then you will feel a strong sensation of tightness.

The stitches will be removed two weeks after the breast correction. Then, the scars can be carefully massaged with a moisturizing lotion. This can expedite the healing process.

The first four weeks after the breast correction you need to wear a special support bra, day and night. This bra is measured on immediately after the surgery so that it can support the breast and preserve the swelling.

If you have round breast prostheses, the bra can be taken off daily, after two days, to wash the bra or to take a shower. If you have anatomic breast implants, however, you need to wait a week. This way, the optimum positioning of the breast prosthesis will be guaranteed.

Until six weeks after the breast correction you need to avoid sports, high reaching and heavy exertions. Sleeping on the tummy is also advised against during the first few weeks. Most women go back to work after a week.

The result of a breast augmentation can be truly seen from two to three months after the surgery. This delay is necessary for the breasts to become softer and for the implants to settle. Breast prostheses are quickly experienced as a part of the body.

A breast augmentation affects the figure in general and more elegant clothes can be worn. Most women feel more confident and their feminity will get a boost.

Breast examination will still be possible after the surgery.

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