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The majority of women who had a breast augmentation are pleased having taken the decision. Some studies (mainly in the UK) even prove that women are more confident after a breast augmentation.

our advice

A breast augmentation is quite some decision. Please feel free to discuss it

Please discuss with other women about your intention to do a breast augmentation by phone or e-mail, talk about it and visit forums. Even some newspapers and magazines have often visited chat groups regarding breast augmentation.


Are you pleased about your breast augmentation?

Certain studies (in the UK) examined the level of satisfaction of women who have had a breast augmentation. Women with an average age of 34 have been followed for 5 years. These studies take into account both physical and psychological factors.

The results of these studies were very good. The pain after a breast augmentation was quoted with an average of 6/10, where women took pain relief for one week. Women could on average return to their normal activities after one month. Half of the women complains about a temporary loss of sensibility of the nipples and less than 10% has complications after a breast augmentation.

« Is a breast augmentation painful?»

As for any surgery, you might feel pain for the first days after the intervention. If the implants were placed behind the muscle, then the first week will be quite painful. If the implants were placed in front of the muscle then it will be less painful.

This field research also shows a significant improvement of the pshychological well-being. Nearly 9 out of 10 women regained their femininity thanks to their breast augmentation.

Patient reviews

Great place, defiantly recommend it!

By Nikki on 27/07/2015
Very clean and nice environment. All staff are friendly and professional. Very happy with my result. Would definitely recommend.
Great place, defiantly recommend it!

I was worried as it was abroad but absolutely nothing to worry about.

I had my first boob job in Harley street and compared with this there is no difference at all except travelling to Brussels. So happy I done it and can't wait to go back in ten years!!!! :0)


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