There are many reasons why people desire to get a flat abdomen. It is a fact that your abdomen outline changes with the course of time.

The abdominal wall will detach because the skin’s elasticity will decrease, which will contribute to the destruction of your flat abdomen. The main reasons of the destruction of your flat abdomen are age, heredity, life-style, stature, losing/picking up weight and pregnancies (when abdominal wall muscles are stretched).

After a substantial weight loss a so called fat apron is often developed. The stretched skin and sub skin fat tissue hang like a sort of apron from the underbelly.

There are different techniques for correcting the abdominal wall.

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A tummy tuck or liposuction is not always a solution

If the fat is localised beyond the abdominal wall then a tummy tuck or liposuccion won’t help to get a flat abdomen. Sometimes the protrusion of the stomach is the result of intestinal dilation and accumulation of fat around the intestine.

Our solutions to provide you with a flat abdomen

In general, the type of lifting of the belly will be determined by a medical examination with regards to:

  1. the skin’s elasticity,
  2. the condition of the abdominal muscles
  3. the amount of belly fat.

The type of correction of the belly will be decided by both surgeon and patient.

The complaints and reasons why one wants to get a flat abdomen will be discussed, the surgeon will explain advantages and inconveniences of the techniques and the risks which are involved.


You should be in a good health condition when having surgery carried out. Some diseases which may cause complications, such as severe heart problems, severe degree of asthma or COPD, liver cirrhosis and taking blood thinning medication, are reasons why certain patients can’t get surgery done.

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Attention to smoking and taking certain medication prior to a tummy tuck

Before having a tummy tuck it is important to stop taking blood thinning medication.

You should stop smoking three to six weeks before the tummy tuck and this for at least one week after your surgery. The use of nicotine will increase the risk of bad healing of the wound.

Patient reviews

Tummy Tuck Clinic BeauCare: I highly recommend

By Barbs on 22/05/2017
I have just had a tummy tuck a try Clinic Beaucare With Dr Ulens and I would recommend it to anyone.
Tummy Tuck Clinic BeauCare: I highly recommend

All of the staff are lovely, the receptionists are very prompt with replying to emails and questions you may have. The clinic is well presented and very clean. Dr. Ulens is lovely and very good at her job I would have more surgery done by her.

When I went for my consultation in London I was put off slightly as the consultant was 20 mins late. I still went ahead though because of all the good reviews I have read and I am glad I did!

Dr. Ulens did a thorough consultation herself before the surgery on the day.


To get a flat abdomen by liposuction

Liposculpture is ideal to get a flat abdomen when fat is accumulated in the belly area, the skin elasticity is good and abdominal wall muscles are firm.

By means of liposculpture the fat will be sucked away using a very thin liposuction cannula. The final results can be seen as from three months after the surgery. In general the patient hasn’t too much pain, recovery is speedy and one may achieve a flat abdomen. This type of intervention can even be done under local anaesthesia.

mini belly lifting to get a flat abdomen

The mini belly lifting is the suitable operation for people with bad skin elasticity, a local accumulation of fat and less thight abdominal wall muscles in the area around the belly button.

The mini tummy tuck combined with lipo is an ideal solution to get a flat abdomen. The mini belly lifting is less drastic than a total tummy tuck and it leaves less scars (no scar round the belly button) and you can resume your daily activities sooner.



This type of intervention will help you to reduce stubborn fat significantly and definitely. But liposuclpture will not work to reduce cellulitis. Cellulitis is a mechanical phenomenon due to the hypertrophy of the fat cells to stock the fat. To treat cellulitis we recommend to follow a healthy lifestyle, with well-balanced food and regular physical activities.



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