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With this technique the body’s own fat tissue is used for treating deep wrinkles, lip enlargement, lifting cheekbones, correcting hollow cheeks and for fading out skin irregularities.

Injecting fat used to be carried out with fat tissue obtained from simple liposuction without treating the fat tissue first. This means that also red blood cells, dead fat cells and connective tissue were injected in large quantities.

Needless to say the results of this technique were generally poor. There was a lot of resorption, scar formation or hardening of the injected fat.

With the new Coleman technique the fat tissue is cleaned and prepared before being injected, allowing for lasting good results in most cases. The advantage of own fat tissue is that it does not trigger any allergic or antibody reactions, as it is the body’s own material that is used. Once the fat cells are taken on and survive after injection, this technique accounts for a lasting result.

The treatment

This takes places under a local anaesthetic. Own body fat is taken away at the height of the navel. This is done with special canulas that are inserted through an incision of only a few millimetres.

The fat tissue then undergoes centrifugation in order to separate the living fat cells from the red blood cells. The pure fat cells are then inserted into the tissue of either lips (lip enlargement) or under deep folds (e.g. nose/lip fold). For this other special canulas are used.

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A slight over correction is performed as about 30 to 50% of the injected fat cells are lost the first days after being injected. That is why the procedure sometimes needs to be repeated after three months. However, in most case this is not necessary.

After treatment

The Coleman fat injection technique causes somewhat more bruising after surgery. This is especially visible the first few days: swelling and/or skin turning blue. After about ten days the bruising will normally have disappeared.

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