Many women choose for a breast augmentation in order to get bigger and/or more feminin breasts. On the other hand there are women who feel uncertain about the form and volume of their breasts.

In any case, a breast augmentation is a big decision. Inform yourselves well before taking a decision.

Be self confident

Women can only consider to get a breast augmentation once the breasts will no longer develop spontaneously. This would be as from the age of 18 years onwards. In practice, lots of women decide to have their breasts enlarged after giving birth, between their 30 and 40.

A breast augmentation (with breast implants) is definite, but is nearly never reimbursed by social security. If you change plans later, you should have another breast surgery carried out.


We advise against breast implant for patients who :

  • have an infection which is not treated,
  • have a failing immune system,
  • previously had healing problems,
  • have a vascular disorder,
  • with a history of allergy or who have an intolerance to foreign objects,
  • had several unsuccesful try-outs of breast implants,
  • have health problems in the breast area,
  • with an psychological instability.

When to decide to have a breast correction

There may be different reasons why women decide to get a breast augmentation or a breast uplift. Either breasts have always been under or over developped, or they have lost their firmess over the years, for example due to a pregnancy.

Some women who have heavy breasts experience back troubles or shoulder pains, others have psychological problems.

The idea of “the ideal breast size” is a subjective question, such decisions are quite personal. Breasts which are considered to be too small by certain women, may be considered as normal by others. So, it is really a personal matter whether you decide to have a breast correction because you find your breasts too small or too soft.

Patient reviews

Breast Implants 260cc Moderate profiles for a natural breast

By ChloC on 25/06/2016
After a lengthy conversation with my surgeon,Dr Ulens, she recommended the best implants for me based on my measurements etc. I opted for 260cc moderate profiles as I didnt do this for big boobs I just wanted some boobs there that still look natural!
Breast Implants 260cc Moderate profiles for a natural breast

I first heard about Beaucare through a friend who had their augmentation last year. I have wanted breast implants since I can remember and after coming back off holiday (fed up with how i feel in a bikini!) I decided to book a consultation. My consultation was great,
i had time to ask all the questions I wanted and found out about the rough recommended size implants etc.

The following day I emailed Beaucare to book a surgery date! I booked the op for about 5 weeks time and paid the deposit. All was really smooth and easy to do. I opted for Dr Sara Ulens as my surgeon and she was amazing. I had to travel to Brussels and did so the night before the op, stayed in a lovely hotel The Lodge Vilvoorde, would definitely recommend.

On the day of the surgery I arrived at the clinic, I was so surprised how modern, clean and fresh it was, both me and my mum were really impressed. I then had a lengthly conversation with Dr Ulens and she recommended the best implants for me based on my measurements etc. I opted for 260cc moderate profiles as I didnt do this for big boobs I just wanted some boobs there that still look natural! My surgery went great and before I knew it I was awake, having to travel back to the hotel was abit annoying as I was so weak but wasn't realy a problem. I travelled home the next day on the Eurostar fine!

I am now 2 weeks post op and am now feeling almost fully recovered! Had my dressings removed yesterday and am so pleased with my scars so far, quite small and not massively noticeable! All in all i would highly recommend Beaucare, the service at the clinic was amazing and they are always on hand via email to answer any questions I have! As well as the price being a lot cheaper than in the UK, I chose the clinic because I felt they really was the best and most natural looking results compared to some UK cosmetic companies I had
consultations with. My size is perfect, im now a 32c and am sooo pleased i finally done it!! Good luck to anyone going ahead with it, best thing I've done!


our advice

Make a list with your questions

Breast augmentation is a big decision.  It is very important to inform yourselves, to be able to weigh the pros and cons. You will find some practical questions on different websites.


According to our opinion a woman decides to have a breast enhancement for herselves, because she is not pleased with the look of her breasts. She should not be inspired by the desire to please or to keep her partner.