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Buttocks can sometimes be underdeveloped. A small or flat behind is then in disproportion with the rest of the body or there is a problem of clothes that tend to be too loose and not well fitting.

Buttocks are made of fat tissue, blood vessels, nerves and skin. Their shape is determined by the skin’s elasticity and the balance between fat tissue and skin tissue.

Young buttocks are firm but with the years they can start sagging due to the combination of gravity law combined with lessened elasticity of the skin.

Lowering of the buttocks is a common aesthetic problem with the white race. It results in a square shaped behind caused by the hanging of the lower part of the buttock and a lack of fullness in the upper part. The problem can in fact be compared to the problem of hanging breasts.

Also pregnancy and weight loss can have an effect on the shape of the buttock. This can also lead to excess skin in the groin fold area.

In case of well sized buttocks but with a lot of excess skin, a lift can be a solution. This will leave quite a long scar at the back along the line of the knickers or in the buttock fold.
In case of a buttock that is too flat or too small soft and naturally feeling implants are a solution.

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First appointment

Prior to any treatment a first appointment will always be made with one of our doctors to inform you of all possible options. Your consulting doctor will ask you questions about your medical history and your general physical condition. Also your wishes and expectations will be discussed so the doctor will be able to tell you about what is and what is not possible in your specific case.

The result of buttock implants partly depends on the condition and elasticity of the skin. In case of a sagging buttock the doctor will advise a buttock lift or a combination treatment.

Depending on your needs and individual characteristics you can decide together with the plastic surgeon what type of buttock implant is best suitable for you. These days there is a wide choice of buttock implants varying in size, surface, filling and shape. The choice is highly individual.

Each buttock implant consists of a silicone wall filled with a highly cohesive silicone gel that cannot leak. This type of implant ensures the most natural result.

Also the size of the buttock implant will have to be discussed. The best result is obtained by making sure your new buttock is in natural proportion with the rest of your body.

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A buttock enlargement is performed under general anaesthetic. The implant is inserted through a small incision in the buttock fold, leaving only a small scar which will be hardly visible. It is then placed underneath the muscular tissue of the large buttock muscle (intramuscular).

Post buttock enlargement surgery

After the surgical procedure the incision is closed with dissolvable sutures. Two drains are placed to collect wound liquids and blood. These drains will already be removed the next day.

The first six weeks you must not put any strain on the buttock implants. You need to sit upright with your back straightened. In the beginning you will not be able to sleep on your back, only on your side or belly. We advise you to take a few days’ rest. After this you can resume your normal activities.

Swelling of the treated area and slight bruising can be painful.  Your buttock will feel tight until your skin has adapted to the new buttock shape and size.


As a buttock enlargement involves cosmetic surgery the result will not be visible immediately after the treatment. Swelling will have to diminish and the skin (and in some cases the muscles) will need time to adapt to the new shape. It will take about three months before you can get a good impression of the final result.

Your buttock can feel different the first few weeks. This varies from person to person.
The scar will be red for a few months. The redness will gradually disappear, take on the colour of the skin and become less visible.

With this summary we have tried to give you a first general impression of what a buttock enlargement means. We hope to welcome you in person soon in order to give you highly individual and personal advice.