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“Since my boob reduction, my life no longer revolves around my breasts.”

“When I was 23, I was 1m73 tall, I weighed 57 kilos and my chest measurement was 100F. I hated my breasts, and all I wanted was a boob reduction.

Since my rib cage was narrow, smaller boobs would have suited my figure much better. I felt as if I was really disproportionate! I was constantly bothered by them and it gave me a huge complex… On top of this, I would always lean forward slightly because my breasts were very heavy. They hurt my back and shoulders. When I would take off my bra, I would finally be able to breathe again.

Despite my suffering, I was afraid of having a boob reduction. But my plastic surgery and his team helped me ask myself the right questions. They took the time to explain everything to me in the greatest detail.

Since my boob reduction, my life no longer revolves around my breasts. Instead of spending my time trying to hide them and hide in my shame, I can now finally open up to others.”

Patient reviews

Breast Reduction Surgery

By Alisi on 21/12/2017
Extremely happy with the results and treatment.
Breast Reduction Surgery

I came from Scottland. Helpful, informative and professional. Now extremely happy with the results and treatment.


“Before having a boob reduction operation my bra size was 100E.”

“Before I had my boob reduction, I was 17 years old. I was 1m63 tall, weighing 63kg and my bra size was 100E. Now I am 1m63 tall, I weigh 60kg but my bra size is 95C!

My breasts would hang and I wanted to have them lifted because I had a real complex. I went to see a plastic surgeon who explained to me very clearly that I had to reduce my boob size to be able to lift them, and he recommended size 90C.

I really liked having large breasts because I considered them to be an asset in terms of my weight and I was afraid that 90C would mean my boobs would be too small for my frame. I had a large stomach which was proportionate to my large breasts, and I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to handle the results of the operation psychologically.

After a lot of thought, I made the decision. The plastic surgeon had given me good advice, my figure was perfectly proportionate and I was delighted.

A boob reduction is still a surgical operation which changes your physical appearance so you have to think carefully before launching into it. But I think that the physical and psychological suffering of having breasts which are disproportionate to your body is very hard and the idea of a boob reduction can be easily justified! ”

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