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After substantial weight loss one often ends up with excess loose skin around the upper arms and /or thighs.

Arm lift

An arm lift is a very common operation and a good solution for excess skin in the lower part of the upper arms.

Skin can be weak and overstretched because of weight loss or ageing.  Sometimes this skin can even become an obstacle for comfortable movements, but it is mainly for cosmetic reasons that this operation is carried out.


An armlift surgery takes place under general anaesthetic and lasts for about two hours.
The excess skin is removed. In order to remove sub skin fat tissue as well, this operation is sometimes carried out in combination with liposculpture.

The scar runs from the armpit down to the elbow along the inner part of the upper arm.


TThe dressing on the wound will need to stay in place for two weeks. After two weeks it will be removed together with the stitches.

Arms need to rest for about 4 weeks. After this you can do everything as normal.  Even though the greatest care is taken when closing the wound, scars will remain visible. They will become less so, but this can take up to a year. During this time you are advised to protect the scar from the sun.

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