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Ear correction or otoplasty is an operation performed to correct protruding ears. Mostly this problem is caused by the absence of a fold, which is called the antihelix. This characteristic is usually hereditary.

For many people protruding ears are a source of irritation or even the cause of psychological problems. It only takes a small operation to solve this problem.

Clinic BeauCare and its experienced team of plastic surgeons can correct the position of the ears. Any irritation or insecurity caused by this problem will then be banned from your life forever.


An otoplasty is performed under a local anaesthetic. An incision is made at the back of the ear. Cartilage is manipulated in order to create a new angle between ear and head. The ear surgery lasts about an hour. You can go home immediately afterwards.

Post surgery for otoplasty

For 10 days you will need to wear a bandage around the head to ensure the ears stay in place. After this period it is best to wear a headband or sports band during the night

We advise you to take it easy for about a week following surgery. The first few weeks you will need to be extra careful when sleeping, washing and practising sports.

Result after an ear correction

As an ear correction is a surgical operation, the final result cannot be seen immediately. The swelling will need to go away and the earflap can remain red and swollen for a while. It takes about a month before the eventual and lasting result can be evaluated.

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