Surgeries   Aptos lift – featherlift

In time everyone has to deal with the first wrinkles. The collagen production in the skin reduces and the skin becomes thinner.

The aptos lift (also called the feather lift or contour thread-lift) is a safe and advanced rejuvenation technique. In a short time one achieves a youthful result without any scars or a lengthy recuperation!

Aptos lift: the procedure

The aptos lift, featherlift or in fact the contour thread-lift is a simple and at the same time an entirely effective procedure for the lifting of sagging or asymmetrical eyebrows, a fading jaw line en sunken cheeks. This technique is less suitable for the contour of the eyes.

The aptos lift has the best results for persons between the ages of 30 and 60 years. The aptos lift is less suitable for those older than 60 because their skin and tissue under the skin have become too thin. For these people a minilift or a macs-facelift could do wonders.

The aptos lift, featherlift or contour thread-lift takes approximately an hour and is carried out under local anaesthetic. The aptos lift is in truth a hypodermic suspension system with special, dissolvable threads. The threads are placed by means of thin needle and are tied up in firm loops. The so-called aptos threads are provided, on the one side, with barbed hooks so that they are easily attachable. In this manner the weakened tissue can be lifted to the required place. The threads dissolve over time and disappear by themselves as soon as the tissue has healed.